In/Compatible 2012: Do the New Guinea Pig Dance, or Else…


{ taken from deBug’s intro to Transmediale 2012, w/ Ubermorgen : PsychOS }

< 31.01- 05.02> Transmediale’s 25th festival In/Compatible, at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) and around Berlin.

For anyone who likes to gorge on a countercultural feast, this year’s Transmediale has stuffed the house with a smorgasbord, a veritable whos who of indignados in the art sectors. Sure to be an indigestible event… as it should be.

Too many names to pluck out as highlights, but we have to admit when we first glanced it our jaws dropped. And then of course we do not forget that every year we cover the festival, we get equal doses of inspiration and queasiness.  So much techno-hype,  safe art containers, another kind of showbiz at work, the gallery-esque bubbles, and yet each time there’s this massive convergence of so many at the top of their thrashing game, you can almost taste the holes in the fence and the bricks through the window.

25th year of a festival that began as a VideoFilmFest -in 1987 – ” it was in order to provide a platform for media forms and formats marginalised by the established and standardised culture of film festivals and the cultural production of the time.” ANd It’s exciting to see the attitude of the new curatorial team ready to deconstruct oneself and take an inward aim : ” Instead of blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, we have decided to make visible the incompatibilities within the festival.”

The trick will be, as always, to see how much one can actually export into the current ( dire ) situations, or will it just be another spectacular plug-in that doesn’t fit ? Standby for XLt reports. In the worst case scenario, you can still feed all your corporate-installed fetishes for a technotopian tomorrowland.

< 05. 02 > Oh and btw, we have a little participation in an Exquisite Media Corpse game called “Zombie Play” put on by Mark Butler and the Ludic Salon, with some great contributing guests like Natascha Adamowsky, Shu Lea Cheang , Steve Lambert, and many more. We’ll be discussing the results on Sunday < feb 5 > at HdKW. ( ReSource Program , 13h , see  link above).  One of our own “slides”, which unfortunately due to its ‘re-appropriated nature’ ( copyright kram) was not able to be used in the official TM press release:


What’s interesting here for the XLt was not the 2 juxtaposed images themselves, the mechanical woman which we’ve used over and over now to address the Techno Fascist era, but all the details that surface from putting 3 media parts ( “slides”) together for this year’s viral insert to TM, during a hectic january as we were assembling other shows. The (green-ed) image comes from a mechanic’s (strange erotica) calendar from one the world’s largest auto manufacturer’s, and is now again being used as an XLterrestrials’ Citizen Kino project poster for our “Electric Sheep Revisited” program, that we’ll take on a tour in 2012 to expose the machine fetishes that are mangling our inhabitable environments, and wrangling our human behaviors through all those corporate factory servo farms, which ain’t no strawberry fields.

Speaking of behaviours….





{ still from Miio or My Identity is Open, an FH student film }

< 26.01 > Interflugs present “Behaving Differently” with Constanze Kurz (Chaos Computer Club) und Dmytri Kleiner (Telekommunisten Network): The Price and Value of Free Culture, West Germany venue in Kberg at 19h.

“The State (…) is a condition, a certain relationship between human beings, a mode of human behavior; we destroy it by contracting other relationships, by behaving differently.” Gustav Landauer
A lecture series on models of resistant economies in art and cultural work. Organised by Interflugs, the autonomous students organisation at the UdK Berlin.


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