Jan.18th, the Netizens are on a SOPA STRIKE ! Blackout!


Have you Heard?! The NET is ON A SOPA STRIKE ! Today, Jan 18th !

[ XLterrestrial analysts think this concept may need to be expanded for more than a day, but for now: try limiting yur use, and try and get a sense of what it would be like to not just have Free Communications, but also to be Free from The Net ... a little more often ! Yur own behaviors + disciplines may become your best allies in the struggles against the latest colonial virus! After all, the world feels like it's been undergoing a corporate digital pickling for the last couple decades. And the net infrastructure is neo-liberal globalization's best friend, not necessarily yours, contrary to the abundant hype. Perhaps the best defense will be to consider the offline world your communities' greatest sanctuary from the late-capitalist feeding frenzies and the post-industrial de-natured and disembodied wastelands. )


But true, the net could be far worse. Stop Sopa Now !

Here’s more on the Sopa Strike! :

http://fightforthefuture.org/pipa ( concise video )
and if yur into petition-thingees:

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