Enter the Water Dragon(s)… 2012 XLt Blurbs v.1


{ 2012 : Year of the Water Dragon }

So much news flying at us, we’re going to throw up some things very quick and then fill out more info as soon as we can…  2012 is off to a fierce leap into new territories …


< 11.01 > TONIGHT > Rauch Haus had a fire during the holidays ( arson suspected ), and the S036 venue is having a BIG benefit concert 2NITE w/ a killer Soli line-up… don’t miss it !!! Core Tex Records tells the story, with all the details.


< 14.01 >  XLterrestrials, Ponte Carlo and Rotes Antiquariat are putting together an evening of Performance, Readings, Film, and Afterparty w/ dj/vj Podmoney… “THE ANARCHIST BANKERS” a tribute to Rosa Lux and Karl Lieb… @ Knochenbox, Fhain , 21h …. more coming soon!

w/ an excerpt from CiTiZEN KiNO (#13) : ” WE WANT THE WHOLE F–KIN BAKERY ! “

+ guest performances from Paul Labrecque ( Sunburned Hand of the Man ), Gambeex, and Uwe Berger

( FBook invite here )


More info ahead > Transmediale and Berlinale in February,  AND…

This year’s XLt Leni Riefenstahl Award  goes to George “Star Wars Monger” Lucas, the epic idiot who purchased prime Presidio Park “real estate” (formerly a national park, i.e. PUBLIC LAND ) to build a new movie studio and produce more Hollywood Shit like “Red Tails”… a full review coming soon.

>>> And other things to blow yur mind, and liberate your body, your soul, and yur hood !

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