28C3 : Behind Enemy Lines… Is Chaos finally catching up to XLt analysis ?!!


( CC+C , #27 ? }

< 27.12 – 30.12 > 28C3 : Chaos Communications Congress : Behind Enemy Lines, BCC at Alexanderplatz, Berlin


LIVE Streams : http://28c3.fem-net.de/ ( from anywhere : ) – Thx Fem-net !!!

:: Twitter resources : #28c3 | @cbase | exiledsurfer | …

:: CCC site, full 4-day schedule, speaker abstracts, etc. ( site currently down, see Mirror )

:: View with your friends in your town, follow remote locations here : #nonerdleftbehind

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:: DAY 1 ::

:: Speedracer analysis already up on Morozov’s keynote by Dmytri Kleiner, and yes there’s a Telekommunisten Stammtisch 2nite < tues. > ( see link ) !!

:: XLT synopsis thus far : all in all we think the technology’s under control … and yur hair should be standing on end !

:: CCc wiki back up, and very cool to see all the places re-streaming, No Nerds Left Behind , and it’s not too late to set up yur own local/public viewing, wherever u are just get in touch w/ em ! Still 3.5 days to go : )

:: 28c3 archives already up on 28C3 channel @ Youtube, i.e. Anne Roth ( which we missed ), and Cory Doctorow’s talk, which has got the XLt analysts excited to play with in the lab ! standby.

:: DAY 2 ::

:: Telekommunisten’s Dmytri Kleiner begins this 28c3 day with an important dialogue – taking off from Doctorow’s talk last nite : β€œThe Coming War on General Computing.” See: @doctorow, In order to stop the net from being squared, we need change the way we produce and share.

:: Being the psycogs that we are ; ) the XLterrestrials already wrote a letter to the many blue Navi-like Doctorows of CCC, called Musing darkly on robots, donuts and 2011. BUt now that we’ve heard the actual illuminations and his clever and poetic tact, we’re working on a further counterpoint, but with comraderie and inclusion of this proposed other world.

:: Sven’s useful #28c3 summary of congress URLs

:: wow, cbase has a no-smoking policy … that almost works.

:: DAY 3 ::

:: Astounding glimpses into the digital arms race, YIkes! i.e. the Tor talk (day 2). And basically everything at 28c3 is intense, and fast curves. DEEP Respex to those on the front lines! But after 2 days, it feels like the best thing for XLt to do is to retreat, and further develop the analysis of the “virtual migration” and figuring out “media self-defense” particularly for the average users, but also some cautionary tales and debate ( and how to articulate that ) for the wholly immersed. There is this sensation that 28c3 can act like a massive distortion field to things that really matter on the ground !

:: And did we mention our heads hurt. And that there’s a sun out.

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Last weekend we got handed a fresh Datenschleuder #96 – zine/organ of the Chaos Computer Club – Thx Ingo ! And reminded us it’s high time to post some news about the upcoming Chaos Congress. This year’s challenging keynote is from Evgeny Morozov – “Marriage From Hell: On the secret love affair between Dictators and Western Technology Companies” ( abstract at 28c3 / fahrplan ) … and Cory Doctorow ( abstract ) presenting this year too. Very hot spot, more news coming sooon !

While it’s old news that authoritarian regimes regularly rely on censorship and surveillance technology supplied to them by Western companies, 2011 was a year (thanks, in part, to the Arab Spring) when it became a hot issue in the public debate. While politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have recently committed to ban the sale of such technologies to dictators, it’s not clear whether such measures would prove effective (or merely drive the sale of such technologies underground) or simply stimulate the growth of Chinese, Russian and Indian companies. More disturbingly, there is still very little awareness – at least among the general public – that many of the tools that are currently exported to authoritarian states have been designed to help fight “The Global War On Terror” and are thus inextricably linked to domestic policies of Western states.

E. Morozov, author of The Net Delusion, How Not To Liberate The World

Is Chaos finally catching up to XLt analysis ??! Are we ready to talk about all those Things your mama- nerds never told you about Technotopia and Fascho-Digitalia ?! ; )

If you’re using _______ ( add technology name here ), you’re probably pretty fucked !

Sure to be a hard and heavy dose this year !

… Uh Oh, Another terrible ratio of men to women speakers ! We’re counting about 13 out of 120. But you knew that problem already, right ?!


{ the wonderful still brushed work of eric joyner }

the psycho-tropic-al setting just before 28c3 hits town !

28C3, v.2: Musing darkly on robots, donuts and 2011 - the XLts have been busy short-circuiting a really Race-to-the-Bot-like year to avoid a 2012 loop ! (below)

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