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Incredible stillness.
The white hole in the sky
reaches for 2133
and her (sterilized) holster.

Art undoes the clothed essentialists
and leaves em out to freeze overnight,
while the artificial intelligentsia
sucks this hairball
of tactical bandit poetry.

We slipped out long ago,
Not in protest…
like 2-d ducks at a shooting gallery.
But to burn the ministry of cocooned misery
to the ground !

an XLt analyst

Speculation on Cern + Higgs boson, your wilder thoughts ??

We’ve been reading a few articles for the laymen on this “goddam particle” biz ( according to Higgs himself that was what he Wanted to call it, but his editors wouldn’t let him – via Marcell Mars, thx ), and they are incredibly fluffy and quite ridiculous!

What are the theoretical + practical + COMMERCIAL applications of this £10bn project? U know, the ones that lie behind the PR niceties of pure science and mysteries of the universe ! HAh!

We all know what happened to nuclear science, to rocket (and petrol) fuel technologies, to biotech, to telecommunications ; ) … Anyone want to speculate on what’s actually coming down the mutant capitalist-science pipeline ??? Personally we’re picturing microwave- popcorn-people coming soon to a Walmart shelf nearest you ! ; )

We await some feedback from other XLterrestrials out there. Meanwhile we’re gonna look up what Michio Kaku might have pondered on the subject, and read between the lines of the wikipedia entries.


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