Invoking ‘Drala’ with time + space travelling music devices


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You Too Can Participate In An Offline, Off-The-Grid Autonomous Healing Network. Path Of The Sacred Warriors !

We’ve just finished TWO new ‘emergency’ time+space traveling music mixes, perhaps the most important in the whole “pan optic radio” series ( now over 12 years in the making, and, HUNDREDS of mixes in all ).

NEW : Æ -XLt – Musica v.1 Psycho-tropic-al : the vocal magicians
NEW : Æ -XLt – Musica v.2. Psycho-tropia : ambient tunnels

These latest collections may be a turning point in our understanding and combinations of healing frequencies,  offline autonomy + resistance, and invoking internal and external “drala”. The Tibetan word literally means ” above the enemy” and relates to connecting to the sacred mirror, i.e. the magic of things as they really are. And this is about tapping the  power to bring genuine gifts into the phenomenal world.

But more on that later…

On a simpler note, we would first like to let you know that while this MUSIC was specially designed as healing “tunnels” ( and uplifting meditations ) for two specific friends, they are available to anyone interested, and for all who would like to share in the gift of sacred music from around the world. Think Erik Satie meets Bjork meets Taraf De Haidouk meets  Romica Puceanu meets Fever Ray meets Radiohead meets Hosono Haruomi, and you’ll get an idea.

AND YOUR PARTICIPATION may actually strengthen their proposed effects ! ( While it can be just great music to listen to, we will experiment with some suggested instructions for listening in order to become part of a ‘network’, coming soon ).

We could use donations to further our research + projects (i.e. Citizen Kino, and Media Self-defense, and other DIY education ), and usually we send out mixes to donors who have contributed at least $25 or  €20. But if you do not have any funds at this time, we will also send you a copy FREE, if you send us a self-addressed envelope. We only ask you to send us a very short poem related to: OPENING ONE’S EYES. These texts will become part of an arts + praxis + psychomagic collage project.  If you are only able to send money ; ) you can make a quik and easy paypal deposit. Any amount welcome! Please write to us here for mailing address and paypal account.

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. The Tales of Dark and Light .

worm hole


The XLTerrestrials were contacted recently to provide some music for a friend who is experiencing some serious health problems. We immediately got in the elevator and went down to see what our Psychomagic department could do. ( “P.magic” for those not familiar is from the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, and our version also inspired by other forms of arts and praxis … and Tibetan schools).

Dr. Podinski was in, high up on a ladder, rummaging through a box of magnets on the top shelf. We told him about, not just one, but TWO separate cases which came our way almost simultaneously. Two incidents, with side affects, that were in their “secondary stages” afflicting eyesight.




“Ok, 2 questions: What is the distance between the two situations, and how far apart in time was our lab alerted to each case ?” he asked as he climbed down with one arm hugging the large heavy box.

The two friends were nearly at opposite poles of Europe, Lisette is in a hospital in the Canary Islands off the coast of the Sahara. Liviu now back in a suburb of Bucharest, just 200km from the Black Sea.  About 2 weeks ago, there was a post of the news that Lisette has 3 prolapsed discs ( causing paralysis in the legs ) … and then on top of that a corneal ulcer. Then seven hours later an even more urgent scenario, our Berlin friend Dumitra informed us that her brother was losing his eyesight due to a brain tumor (western diagnosed), and subsequent chemo-therapy treatments ( western prescribed) in Hamburg.



to be cont.

Note: The full text for this project may have to be put aside for now, as the pressures rise to get some financial urgencies sorted. But in brief, the idea had a multi-faceted approach:

One concept was to create a network of listeners, and thereby create an experimental channel for others ( that is, other than the maker )  to utilize the pan optic radio mixes as “time + healing tunnels” – a meditation device, which can be used for transfering positive “messages” to those in need. Two, to share great music ! And Three, in this article we wanted to juxtapose early “time tunnels” w/ those featured in 60s sc-fi television like Irwin Allen’s Time Tunnel, and their current modern day counterparts like the Large Hadron Collider at Cern. Here the idea was an old XLterrestrials theme of the modern hyper-Faustian bargains. And taking a step back into older cultures with wisdom from other ( less materialistic ) roads taken, and possibly with more developed concepts in mind-over-matter. i.e. Tibetan Buddhism.

Added: Speaking of healing, this article below came across our radar this week. An incredible piece, a must read article for anyone who knows someone (severely or terminally) ill, or people just enraged by a for-profit health care system:

How Doctors Die ( It’s Not Like the Rest of Us, But It Should Be )

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