The FBook Generated Goldfish Bowl v.2: Media Self-Defense


{ From Esteban Sapir’s La Antena, 2007 }

“If a dept. of sock puppets create fake and deceptive bits, are there also ’sack puppets’ who make important bits of info disappear ?!” A.

For some weeks now, some of our XLterrestrial colleagues have been experiencing strange things on the Zuckerborg’s Fedbook. AND now with things heating up in the Occupy Movement, those weird glitches and odd disappearing posts + photos do not seem to be mere anomalies and malfunctions. We’ve managed to document some latest examples, i.e. screen captures ( more info coming ). We believe censorship and obstructions, if not already in full effect, will undoubtedly become a growing malevolence in this gated-communications landscape, owned by the elites !

It is increasingly important to remember when things get really tough, FB will certainly NOT be the place to communicate. It never was ! And yet for many it is now about as ubiquitous and daily an interaction as say, a telephone. With the significant distinction, that the technological advances have leapt so far ahead of any regulatory structures ( much less comprehension). And the predator enterprises know this.

Aside from the fact that it’s an intelligence service’s wet dream spying tool for collecting valuable data on organizations and individuals*, they may also utilize (subtle) filters, bots, algorithms ( i.e. as in how the news feeds work ), and who knows what programs (of THE richest companies on the planet**) to manage , obstruct and/or sabotage your profile/communications when desired.  This is afterall just a virtual Disneyfied Main Street w/ an electrified data fence, able to be put under lockdown in any situations where citizens begin spreading critical information at critical moments. Better start to realize NOW, you are not at all in control on these platforms. And any laws that may protect your rights will very likely be circumvented… when push comes to shove… comes to police batons.


Over the next weeks , we will begin recommending a few things to be prepared, not just in regard to Fbook, but in the contested digital territories. [ And we have a list of ideas from students in an XLT media workshop/experiment at 2Dh5 conference last year in the Netherlands, where we asked them to particpate in a Digital Dogme -2012-project and will be posting that soon… finally. )

Here’s a rather minimal start just to get you thinking…   feel free to send us YOUR recommendations :

1) Use projects such as Save My Data, to collect are all your personal data, BEFORE u can eventually get locked out. It happens, we know people who have been “disappeared”, prior to these more intense times.

2.) Start now to build your community network elsewhere and in multiple locations, i.e. Diaspora ( more suggestions coming… Two links to popular Spanish alternatives from Jaromil : and )

3.) Build a net defense network…  Know yur NGOs and watchdogs like EFF and La Quadrature Du Net, AK Vorrat… and others resources like The Pirate Party,… and associations like Chaos Computer Club… and Hacklabs everywhere … for reference in technical matters, digital policy struggles, and developing yur own online navigating skills !

4.) …  : ) more coming soon


* Wkileaks’ Assange, and Cryptome founder John Young have stated this NOT JUST about FB, but the internet as a whole.

**footnote from a local friend:

“From the Neccessary Tin Foil Hat Department”:

1) Facebook’s leading Venture Capitalist firm is Accel Partners
2) Accel Partner’s CEO is Jim Breyer
3) Breyer is the former chair of the National Venture Capital Association (NVAC), where he served with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel is a venture capital firm established by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999. This firm works in various aspects of information technology and intelligence, particularly in “tools for the rapid deployment of distributed, economical data collection networks. Systems that are self-organizing or that provide tools for the aggregation and management of data from large numbers…” and other items “of interest to the CIA.”Breyer has also served on the board of BBN Technologies, a research and development firm also closely tied to In-Q-Tel. In fact BBN shared board members with In-Q-Tel, such as Anita Jones, former Director of Defense Research and Engineering for the U.S. Department of Defense. Her responsibilities included serving as an advisor to the Secretary of Defense and overseeing the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

And finally… This difficult and unrefined analysis was triggered by “obstructed” attempts to disseminate information regrading the current UC Davis story, and the abuses against peaceful student demonstrators. We will not try to blog on this exploding news item here, but we’d like to repost here the Open Letter, which essentailly details a new level of torture with chemical agents used by the militarized police at UC Davis. It calls for Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi to resign, and describes crimes beyond what one can see in the now viral videos:

Nathan Brown’s UC DAvis Bicycle Barricade blog + Open Letter to Katehi

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Additions :

An excellent post by Anil Dash, ( thx Pit! ) about some much more concrete FB walls which he calls Gaslighting The Web.

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