Speculations on redesigned maps (i.e. Guantanamo psychoterror islands abridged … and de-annexed)

“There are no turns in the middle of the high seas when yur hunting
imaginary whales and riding tales of turtle island turned upside down
in the kettle of hungry thieves, only the wild wheel , a mad pirate
jammer’s map and fantasia riddled by the one-eyed depths. ”

space podopolog 07:2008

madagascar +

[ (Gilliam's) Brazil to Madagascar to ? ]


Yesterday we mistakenly ate a wholly suspicious and rotten media clip from the BBC and it brought on a boiling-high fever and vivid hallucinations of vicious and immediate retributions against an idiotic and abstracted stream of meaningless information … and none-to0-little existential nausea to recognize we as a society have landed square and bucket-side in the back seat sucking in the daily feed. Well lets call it a trigger from a slew of Incorporated realities that are teased up to look like the hairdo from a cannibal from Hell on a made for prime-time cooking show. [Today it was repeated in part on Democracy Now, and we're willing to cut them a little more slack ... BUT...]

We are talking about a video released regarding the torture of Omar Khadr who was wounded and then captured/abducted and taken to Guantanamo when he was 15 years old and now at the age of 21 is still in the US torture/detention camp as an “enemy combatant” – a term derived in the warspeak room to further justify the military complex’s own self-inflicted mental disorders. Is Khadr a prisoner of war?? Crime ?? What is the history of captured children in wartime?? Captured child soldiers ?? Questions we can’t begin to answer without more research. But certainly we will not wait for the laws of war to make any sense.

But aside from all that… first lets unplug the video game: The BBC would like us to think they have broken some incredible and shocking news by posting a short clip of a boy crying and pleading for help and some officials (who are accomplices to war crimes) and who Here are seen very tamely, almost politely, refusing him medical attention. Is this just Fucking spin, a useless daily feed of the numbing and the Non-sensational from the cutting room floor of “standard operating procedures” on this poisoned planet?? … Cause if they aired the real shit we would all have to wretch uncontrollably. OR might we begin to act with human responses and effectively act to pull the disease up from its roots…. and its chain of command?!!

Just reading the wikipedia page of Khadr’s harrowing+hellish journey thru the Apocalypse Now rerun will have a far more awakening and jarring effect.

Currently the BBC link is down and we’ll have to come back to That analysis… But we must consider HOW and from an entirely new angle, because already the XLT has concluded that Guantanamo’s major purpose is most certainly Not to imprison dangerous “enemy combatants” and extract information for the safety of anyone, but is more like a Hollywood studio producing a constant stream of commericials for the Politics of Fear … and Hate, Crime and Punishments. We will not add to their game, and that is why we will not add links to this plog.

We are here to take the time to rise above… a few possible upcoming routes and projects… a redesigned map and knowing where we are On it… and the poetic fury turned On full… tbc. New maps coming…


Before we start laying down our Supra-realist + psychomagic manifesto navigations triggered by that very disturbing course of events, we should say on a practical level, we don’t really access mass media much less tangeability here, at the moment Web 2.0 seems to be a very nice container for democratic bits in opposition to an info-monopole, a kind of Warholian anti-dream exactly where life does NOT Equal art, or life = Pre-Manufactured and byte-sized replicas, or as the saying now translates: our 15 mins. of The Game. Those sand castle-files washed over instantly by a Spectacle tsunami.

Thus we will very likely have no impact on one such hideous injustice or another which may lie 1000s of miles away. So we rather seek a tiny semiotic pin to pop the balloon, to penetrate the extremely fragile skin of the world held hostage, upside down (encoded?), and which would otherwise be slowly asphyxiated by a pathetically scripted order.


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