So how does the sick heart of empire unravel ?


{ Nov.15 at Zuccotti, more pics from Cryptome }

As we write this, the Nation Blog ( Greg Mitchell ) is reporting:

“4:04 Thousands marching in NY from Union Sq to Foley Sq, to be joined by labor there in massive rally (see livestreams below)  Wild scene– thousands marching on streets, police cannot control.”

And fascinating reports are coming in from everywhere, Chicago, UC Berkeley, Portland, etc… but NYC seems to be unraveling first, following Mayor Bloomberg’s exposed hand of arrogance and force just yesterday ( Weds.).

The timing was prime, as the movement was just waiting to be re-inspired by the 1%’s provocations. The 14th richest American, who presides over the city that drives the Wall Street economic oppression machine roughshod and merciless over the US and the world, didn’t even pretend to play by any democratic rules, didn’t demonstrate that he heard a single word of a desperate 2 month occupation at Zuccotti Park clamoring for change. And now the gaping wounds have opened up for all to see.


{ N17, beaten? + arrested Zuccotti protestor }

Now we must think fast, how does the sick heart of empire unravel? For knowing that, we may avert a terrible collision of wills.

AND Now’s the time for finding creative ways ( from wherever we are ) to support this rise of the 99%, as it makes its big move for citizen-made changes at this critical epicenter.

Of course this is all much bigger than just NYC, but for now, here’s some streams to check in there:


{ N17, #Ows , over 30,000 marching }

Remember folks, you too can grow your own revolutionary sea monkeys ! Zuccotti park started with a couple hundred people ( + their dragged-along not-yet-fully-convinced-friends) pestering Wall Street. Sprinkle in some abusive law enforcement and a little asshole mayor, and just 2 months later… PRESTO ! ^ : )

Though probably most significant in the formula: courage, passion and inspiration are Contagious !

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