Will The FB Generation Be Eaten Alive In A Streaming Globalized GoldFish Bowl ?


{ Due out in English by … Summer ? }

Generation Facebook, About Life in the Social Net

The title certainly lacks the appropriate fury. It’s a little like calling a book on Fukushima, “Life Today in A Nuclear Family”.

There are essays here by people we respect – Geert Lovinck, Anne Roth and ?? – and get some deep insights from, and we’re very eager to study and analyze it. But if the discussion at the Heinrich Boll Foundation last night is any indication, no one in the academic circles ( and its more engaged activist fringe ) is willing to be seen lobbing a virtual molitov into the new palace of the 2nd Life Regime. Understandable, afterall, it’s still not clear just how much this fuzzy corporate tyranny has us and our culture by our “data balls”. ( yes, with a patriarchal tilt. )

Probably far too late, it wasn’t until Nov. 2010 that our our eyes were fully opened to the full scope and shop of horrors in regard to Facebook’s ‘new’ social net,  when the soon-to-be Boy of the Year Zuckerborg, and one of his business partner / handlers (name + link coming), welcomed George Bush III to the stage in Silicon Valley – at FB’s Palo Alto HQ -  to promote and celebrate his post-atrocities memoirs, “Decision Points”. The Mission Accomplished crews shook each others’ hands and live streamed the banalities of evil like it was just another late-nite Letterman show.

We’re not going to link it here, it’s just too nauseating. But if u must, search: decision points zuckerberg


{ For now, Nevermind the Murdochian poop trails on Assange, this pic still pretty much sums up the current state of life on the internet. And yes, 2 white males.}

note: we will touch on the Wikileaks implosion, and to some extent the latest Assange controversies and/or crimes a bit later in this article, stay tune : )


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