Media Implosion (v.2) at Globale : Occupy Cinemas Anywhere !


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7th *Globale*
+ the *Media Implosion* press release

To all the peeps !

The 7th *Globale* Film Festival is Here! Nov. 3-9 ! We are a non-profit collective utilizing grassroots film and media to confront the brutal effects of neo-liberal globalization, and to seek another possible world. Since 2003 *Globale* brings pressing political issues to the screen and provides a space for dialogue with filmmakers and special guests.

This year we feature a special section for analyzing and exploring the new media spectrum:


is a 3-part program in collaboration with The XLterrestrials and CiTiZEN
KiNO which includes 2 screenings ( at Kino Moviemento ) and a workshop
seminar (at C-Base) with special guests Anne Roth from Annalist, Claudia
Becker from Vilem Flusser Archives, Marc Herbst from Journal of
Aesthetics & Protest, and Paolo Podrescu from the XLt and Globale.

For an overview of the Media Implosion topic read below, and/or
follow some development of its themes online:

* MEDIA IMPLOSION dates, locations + text:

06.11.11 – Part 1: CiTiZEN KiNO at Moviemento, 20:30h
08.11.11 – Part 2: Media Implosion/Panel, C-Base, doors at 18h, 19h begin
09.11.11 – Part 3: Occupy The Cinema at Moviemento, 22:30h

How do we see the world ? Through the 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 hours of various
media we navigate per day? Or by our community relations and actions?
Documentary films provide one of the most powerful mediums for sharing
in-depth perspective on urgent and complex issues. But when the media
landscape is veering towards a disembodied corporate/consumer enterprise and everyone is drowning in a sea of information, we may be left unable to adequately respond. One recourse may be (self-)analysis, media self-defense and a NEW TACTICAL CINEMA.



Media Implosion Part 1:
( mostly in eng, de welcome )

Citizen Kino presents “The Screen Is Not The Territory”

Selected shorts ranging from Adam Curtis to ZumbaKamera to Anonymous.
The XLterrestrials, an arts + praxis laboratory, take you on an
interactive tour through a collection of pioneering works and/or media
flotsam. We do NOT provide a comfortable seat to passively download
and feed the endlessly hungry eye. We are shouting “Fire!” in the
all-consuming theater!  This is a program for Media Self-defense !



Media Implosion Part 2:
( in eng + some de )

Panel/Workshop w/ Anne Roth (Annalist ), Claudia Becker ( Flusser
Archives), Marc Herbst ( Journal of Aesthetics and Protest ) + Paolo
Podrescu ( XLterrestrials), etc.

We invite doc makers + new media ninjas, bloggers, hackers + global
citizens to analyze the ever-shifting media landscape. Surely we have
now “become the media”, and we are all in, if not on, the Net!  A
world of Server Clouds, Gamefication, Virtual Migration, Twitterization, Wikileaks, Social Networks, Data-Leeching + Surveillance, Augmented Hypermarkets, etc…. all spilling over into every corner of our lives, and voraciously eating up our days. Are we empowering communities or are we feeding the corporate monster state?! Will an information society on this scale bring about liberation + higher (collective) intelligence or be the final consumer mousetrap !?  And a discussion about “Tactical Cinema” in this precariously digitized world.


Media Implosion Part 3:
( primarily eng + de )

ADDED: “Occupy Cinema” – fresh clips from the multiple fronts around the
globe, with special guests + discussion about this flourishing movement !

Hope you can join us !

the XLterrestrials and the Globale team


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