86% for Another Possible Spree, the People Are Winning!

ms spree wagen

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people from the Kiez came out to shout “Media Spree Verpiss Dich! Keine vermisst Dich!” ( Media Spree , piss off! No one’s gonna miss you! ) among other things : ) … And on Sunday, 86% ( of 35,000 voters) rejected the Media Spree plans! Note, this is a very significant political round, but by no means is the struggle to fight off the Speculator-style land grabs and corporate development (blatantly trampling citizen/resident concerns) over.

It was interesting to see the editorial 2day in Der Tagesspiegel:

Titled “Getroffen, nicht versenkt” – Hit, not sunk – “Dass Berlin fuer Bauherren attraktiv ist, ist eine gute Nachricht – doch bis die stadt wirtschaftlich boomt wie London oder New York, ist es noch lange hin.” – It’s good news that berlin is attractive to “building lords” [ we guess that might translate to slumlords with future plans or in possession of the Ring ], but it’s still a long way from the economic boom of London or New York.

Well we can’t comment too much on how London gentrification proceeds, but Berlin can consider itself quite fortunate not to have a neo-con fascho Guliani-type as mayor. Of course this astute writer knows who his owners are, and is selling a Bauboom -construction boom- as pure and simple prosperity, but fails to analyze for whom and at what costs, and whether that has anything to do with the lives of those already in the neighborhoods that would be colonized, affected and/or pushed out. Nevermind the corporate hacks! For now, a bright day … and all reports from the grassroots are : The People Are Winning!

We will try to add more details and analysis to this story, but for now enjoy the pics ( above + below: Bar 25 organized a horse-drawn wagon with the best use of Roma Fanfare music blaring we’ve heard in a long while! Skalitzer/Falkensteinstr. and the Ms Versenken : ) … more coming soon.




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