Media Implosion v.1: Bank-Lickers and Artificial Brain-feeders… unplugged !


{ by Donatello Losito, from the Baum der Parliament, Berlin Wall Memorial }

Notes on “Media Implosion”, our XLterrestrials media psychoanalysis projects for the GLOBALE FILMFEST, Nov.3 -9, 2011, Berlin :


< 6.11 > Citizen Kino: “The Screen is Not The Territory” at Moviemento, 20:30h
< 8.11 > “Media Implosion” Seminar at C-Base, 19:00h
< 9.11 > Added: “Occupy The Cinema” fresh clips, at Moviemento ( TBA )

See XLterrestrials at Globale for program description text and details.

One of the biggest problems with media today is there’s just too frickin much of it !” Dr. Podinski

We guess one Positive thing about these whole virtual world scenarios and disembodied hyperactivity, is that it could be providing artists and engaged community-builders needed jobs, providing citizens an endless amount of creative and educational opportunities, in a fairly non-destructive environment, in other words, barely any natural resources required.

But the fact is, it hasn’t turned out that way. Fat cat media conglomerates sucked up the vast majority of the broadcast spectrum, the cinemas, and now net bandwidth. And the fuel it runs on is the advertising business, which is like handing over the keys to your mind and your culture to a kleptomaniac, used-car saleseman or a serial killer.

And anyone who still naively thinks the net is going to provide some sort of redemption, had better come quickly to the realization that we are living in a social operating system that is about as low-grade and self-interested as a Microsoft product.


{ From ZumbaKamera’s Bendito Machine part 3 }

Corporations and venture capital start-ups mostly operate like ruthless or desperate drug dealers on the streets, any pure thing/invention that now aims to reach the masses mostly goes thru these sub-humans first, and it then gets cut with about every toxic substance + humiliation known to wo/man, so that by the time it reaches a consumer, it’s like absolute poison to the social well-being. And of course their mission is to make you want it, want it more, and more of it.

We are in the late feeding frenzy phase of capitalism, what Zizek and others have called the End Times or Jensen’s Endgame, and it’s turning a majority of new technological tools into a market pestilence or military menace. Until this operating system gets upgraded, rejected or abolished, so-called scientific and technological progress is likely to be one more nail in our community’s coffin.

Aside from that aspect, the author Jose Saramango once stated, that we need to:

find the courage to say that the stage of development we have reached is good enough … [and to] devote all our energies for half a century to helping the millions of people who have been left behind to catch up.

We shouldn’t be very optimistic that such humanity and intelligence is going to rule the day any time soon, so we need to create some self-defense mechanisms in order to retain any significant social realms and praxis in the onslaught of idiocracy and greed.


And to do that we need to jam the signals of the bank-lickers and the artificial brain-feeders. We DO need to occupy the media. But not let it dominate our communications with each other.

A mass media construct is a weapon; It is not a place we wish to stay for very long. Mass media can be viewed from one angle as the product of narcissistic disorders. To touch, to feel and to speak in non-mediated environments is to disarm, and to participate in a localized balance !

Our goals with the XLterrestrials’ projects are to create as much space as possible for face-to-face interactions, and neighbor-to-neighbor projects. Fuck the infinite elsewhere, Fuck all the loaded augmented reality ! Current global crises require us to get back into our own shoes, and back down to earth.

We’ve started a DIY + Tactical Cinema called CiTiZEN KiNO, not exactly b/c because we love movies. We got bored ( and annoyed ) with the idea of “becoming the media” ages ago. (Old indymedia slogan: don’t hate the media, become the media ).

Perhaps in this regard , it’s important to remember our emotions, and our bodies, are our own deep inner communications network, and we can usually trust them. Hate is not always a misdirected emotion, it’s an alarm. A physical obstruction to an invasive enemy is not an intolerant behavior, nor a back-step, it’s self-defense and a self-preservational reflex. But these are also not places we desire to stay for long.

So we have devised a means to hack into the post-modern info-downloading codes and customs in order to undo the walls (between us ) that have grown to towering heights and conceptual and structural containers.

Cinema 2day is an ideal venue for re-generating some sense of immediate space to the lost world-ers, the OccupIED. It was the grand medium of community and communal processing in the 20th century. So we reclaim it, in order to re-invent methods to ’soapbox’ the public mind, in the midst of all the media assaults. And we reject all cubicle-ization of the public spheres!

“The screen is not the territory! ”

We are drowning in a sea of information. And we reject the download-consumer model. The cinema needs transforming into a living breathing forum, to gather and discuss. To meet each other in realtime and realplace. And before long we hope to regain the capacity to think for ourselves again, to express ourselves physically in public again. And to no longer accept the restrictions placed upon us by the the languages of machines, markets, and corporate agendas.

GLOBALE is a documentary festival that for years has already been moving in this direction. So it’s an ideal venue to make some XLterrestrial experiments !

Occupy The Cinema

In essence the eruption of the Occupy movement demonstrates beautifully all this obvious discontent with the virtual, the simulacrums, the hollow codes, the tech and input overload.  The novel ‘Mic Check’ form, which is taking root in plazas around the world is also a kind of screaming to make our voices relevant again, a scream for finally ‘exporting’ our desires and demands again.

But it is all in danger of burning out quickly, because the operating system has us all hooked to the endless elsewhere feeds. Our short attention, media-junked memories , our fragile, frail local hard-drives, will grow bored or over-filled with news of the Occupy movement by perhaps Christmas, without some major re-embodiement factors, and cutting of this visual cortex – appendage that has taken us all over like an online Body Snatchers war game. All this shitty corporate plug-in-mode consciousness needs to be de-installed before we’ll have any space again to regain our freedoms .

Not to mention, the weather makes it impossible to sustain the Occupy Movement in winter. We have heard discussions of occupying many different alternatives to the outdoor squares ( from public libraries, govt. + educational bldgs, etc. ). And until a critical mass is reached to see that happening, we propose to occupy our local cinemas with Tactical screenings + discussions to keep the ideas flowing and direct democracy rising.


{ seen around the social networks, perhaps originating with the Le Tigre band. }

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