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A few images from the July 1st action – a flotilla blockade – against the MediaSpree project, which is a massive urban development plan affecting 4 districts – Kruezberg, Mitte, Friedrichshain and Alt-Treptow, along a 3.7 kilometer corridor of the Spree canal. It all looks a bit too familiar to anyone who might have experienced the Dot-com (bubble) invasion of San Francisco’s Mission District around 2000, with one very key difference: Citizens of the hood appear here to have far more momentum and Mut (boldness) to keep the corporate and speculation thieves at bay. We will have to come back to add more news and analysis on this story.

The latest Zitty (city guide) magazine has a new article, which appears from a quick glance to be an overly-balanced journalistic snooze oozing with correctness, when it is quite obvious that the big money tsunami would sell your residential rights down the river and your grandmother’s beach towel off her back if it weren’t for a mobilized resistance to keep the canal areas public. And Berliners for sure are on the move!

Better sources of information are here: www.msversenken.org and www.antifa.de

Next Actions /TERMINE
• Sonntag 6.7.08 | 15 Uhr Yaam | Openair
• Samstag 12.7.08 | 15 Uhr Warschauer Brück | Spree-Parade
• Sonntag 13.7.08 | Mediespree abwählen!!

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New 12min. filmed report (auf deutsch) from Freudeskreis Videoclips on July 1st actions (and backround) here:


11.07 Another New clip finished by AK KRAAK. And they will be part of a Friday night screening : VIDEKUNDGEBUNG at Heinrichplatz in Kreuzberg at 21:30h. And a Youtube version is up HERE… pass it on to your friends, and let them know about the MediaSpree vote on 13.07 ! Vote: (A)-ja (B) Nein (C) A … More info at Stressfaktor. MediaSpree Abwaehlen!

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Yaam, a diverse cultural outpost since 1994, was the location for an open air Soli party for the MS Versenken campaign on Sunday, and we dropped by to take a few pictures and got a much deeper understanding of what will be missing if the Media Spree plans plow through without community input. Beginning at the old bus depot in Alt-Treptow that is now the Arena, Yaam continues to be a vibrant cultural hub at their current location on the Spree near Ostbanhof, a home to a rich and otherworldly-import bazaar of primarily african and carribean flavors, from market place to concert venue to culinary feasts to sports facility and summer beach bar. Yaam nights are still a regular feature of the Arena’s Hoppetosse ship, but its new base is this island-like stretch of land on the east side of the canal.

Even on a mostly cloudy grey day, it was a spectacular reminder that such out-of-the-ordinary Berlin locales are an endangered species that must be preserved. There is the feeling that there are continually regenerating offbeat cultural spaces that spring up all the time in this very active city, but the fact is these wells of creativity are getting pushed out, the autonomous and multi-cultural spaces are shrinking.

We just got word that Schokoladenfabrik which includes the music venue, Orphtheater, and more recently Club der Polnischer Versager, is in danger of being evicted. Fleischerei on Torstr.,an incredible one-of-a-kind shop for silkscreen and street art, is also desperately seeking a new location.

The corporate glass and steel erected by those who provide the business-as-usual clock-punching variety of “opportunities” will not be serving fried plantains, hosting reggae acts and capoeira classes, and spreading the rhythms of the richer life… THis STuFF is NOT NEGOTIABLE !

Keep your eye out for all the upcoming actions to defend the Hood and get involved NOW before your gardens are paved over with another row of cubicles for the 9-5 chicken-automatons to peck away at progress in the new media slaughterhouses of time and space.


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