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There’s a mountain of science, musings and market research on Tipping Points ( from Malcom Gladwell’s best-seller to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute study, above ) and there’s plenty of debate about the details, but even common sense will tell you that the time has come to react to the myopic morons who built their global-scale house of cards ! BUT This is Not our collapse, it’s all theirs ! This is a time to be excited ! This is our opportunity to be creatively shaping a new cooperative society   !




- The Call for Oct15 ( from the Intl. Commission of Sol, Spain )

Sure, Oct. 15 will come and go like other protest dates, but this is a rising tide that won’t leave things unchanged ! Be a part of the movement !

Things will undoubtedly get a little difficult, the current seats of corrupted power will attempt to push back, but what is interesting to note is the psychology of those who are still on the ship, so to speak , as the tipping begins:

Imagine a corporate newscaster, a govt. clerk, a cop, a military pawn all working their regular shifts to spread the lies and desperate measures of a falling regime, and suddenly they realize the people are not going away. The numbers are growing every day. They begin to realize that they themselves will eventually face the rage and discontent of the people. THey will have to get on the right side of history, or be held to account.


Such is the way of tipping points in a social crisis, and the way to imagine positive outcomes !

If You’re Not YEt Convinced, or just want to be inspired, these Videos are essential:

- I Am Not Moving by Corey Ogilvie

- Global Change, Oct 15 clip

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“YO American Homey, this is not a question of whether or not to stand in the streets with hippies, it’s more like you’ve been given one last miracle chance to undo the fascist empire kicking in your own front teeth. And if you FAIL, you’re fucked, your children are fucked, and maybe even all of us on the planet are fucked ! Best stop criticizin the brave peeps in the street and get yur ass down with something fresh to back the movement !” Voices from the neighboring streets.

Historical footnote: The USS Laffayete was a cruise ship being transformed into military use, when it caught fire and capsized in the NYC harbor in 1942. Not to make any situational comparisons, but striking images of a thing going terribly wrong.

Realtime footnote: And a little more current, off the coast of new Zealand, facing the worst oil disaster ever on its shores. The picture of the Rena off the Tauranga coast, captures the essence of a consumer culture going overboard, not to mention, it’s now spiling 150-350,000 tons of oil. Guardian UK news clip from Oct.17 HERE :



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