Globale 2011 + A Tactical Cinema For DANGEROUS Times !


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GLOBALE FILMFEST, Nov.3 -9, 2011, Berlin






The XLterrestrials have been working with the Globale team to present films this year on the Energy Crisis and also to premiere a new Citizen Kino called ” The Screen Is Not The Territory” < 06.11 >  and a special seminar on “Media Implosion” < 08.11 > . Other topics in the festival include : Migration, Focus on Arab Countries, Land-grabbing in Sub-Sahara Africa, Labor Conditions, Resistance in Latin America,and more. Download the whole program booklet HERE.

A Tactical Cinema

Our own XLt projects of late have been to re-assess the media landscape. And in order to deal with the whole range of global crises in our immediate day-to-day realities and on the near horizon, we might begin to consider re-channeling the traditional cinema into a community meeting place. For ideas, Yes, but also for collectively processing, organizing community action + response.

Rather than the traditional method of downloading and consuming more perspective, more imagery, more info, we push the medium to the next possible level : a read/write/amplify AND act – import/export AND group brainstorming. Obviously the production of films is more like the intellectual production of books, but communication tools have rapidly shifted. Why not throw into the mix a kind of radical engaged nightly news feed ( without mere Comedy Central aesthetics), popular uprising, general assemblies ?? Maybe we can begin to get back on the same page – the realtime situation, the immediate challenge.

Yep, you guessed it: OCCUPY the CINEMA !

Globale has been a dedicated doc festival already moving in this direction, getting audiences more engaged with urgent political subjects and objectives, and yet still operating in many of the old limited formats. So it’s a logical event for Xlterrestrials to attempt a few experiments with a new Citizen Kino “performance”.  More on C-Kino concepts Here.

And then we’ll host a seminar at Berlin’s notorious node for techies C-Base (hacklab). “Media Implosion” seeks to get an overview of the challenges we face in an increasingly disembodied digital data web and our precarious virtual migration into the corporate communications empire.  With some very special guests :  Anne Roth (Annalist ), Claudia Becker ( Vilem Flusser Archives), Marc Herbst ( Journal of Aesthetics & Protest ) + Paolo Podrescu ( XLterrestrials), etc.


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