Wild News Roundup, Has The Tipping Point Arrived !!??

Dear XLt friends + visitors, we are in a fundraising mode for some current projects : We are working with Globale Documentary Festival in Berlin – Nov.3-9 – and will be premiering a new Citizen Kino program called “The Screen Is Not The Territory!” And hosting a seminar on “Media Implosion” w/ very special guests. Also we’ll be continuing our reports on the inspiring critical mass of the Occupy movement, something Naomi Klein calls THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HAPPENING ! We agree! Please help us with these projects. Make a donation, and/or contact us about how you can support this work.



Occupy Together now listing over 1,078 cities organizing actions ! Incredible !

Naomi Klein’s message to the movement, ” We have picked a fight with the most powerful economic and political forces on the planet… Let’s treat each other as if we plan to work side by side in struggle for many, many years to come. Let’s treat this beautiful movement as if it is most important thing in the world. Because it is !”

“Just our 2cents, but ya know, either the tyranny of the Monkey Markets falls NOW, or civilization is seriously doomed !  … Whatya doin for the movement ?! ” XLt  psychomedia analyst

And in related news:

Rebellious Media2

Chomsky at #RebelliousMC : “You can’t blame the media for keeping people apathetic & atomised. It’s like blaming the banks for making money.” ( paraphrased)

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MORe coming SOOn !

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