Beyond the Valley Of The RepublicRats – part B: Xtra Xtra ! Occupy The Streets !




((i)) Global Rev Livestream

The Occupied Wall Street Journal hits the streets. Read about it here … and we’re looking for an online PDF issue … anybody have a link yet?

Added: pdfs of issue #1 + 2 Now available !

Also an (initial)  list of demands has just been created at Liberty Square assemblies, here at CoupMedia… The renowned Reverend Billy, a civil disobedient who knows a thing or 2 about NYC ( after running for mayor against Bloomberg in 2009-? … and being arrested for actions + “direct performance” countless times over the years ) writes:

” Well – here is Occupy Wall Str’s OFFICIAL DEMANDS, developed at Liberty Square – obviously worked on thoroughly and impressively – then put to the consensus vote process of the General Assembly. Please tell us what you think of this. You can hear the echoes of the Declaration of Independence in it.”

Here’s one XLterrestrials suggestion:

” We offer bankers and stockbrokers a deal: Lifetime community service at minimum wage Or the guillotine. And either way they choose all their stolen money goes into an established credit union to assist people getting homes back. Seems almost fair enough ; ) “


The idea of demands is a little up for debate… and here’s a sharp analysis from McKenzie Wark blog at Verso, a prof at the New School for Social Research, ( though it seems he may not have seen the development of the Coupmedia demands posted above  ). Perhaps the idea of REBOOTING American politics is more crucial than demands made upon a completely broken and corrupt system.


Take It To The Bridge ! ( or not ? )

re: Brooklyn Bridge confusion … Our first take on the Bridge arrests was that it provided the NYPD, the media, and the general systems of control an opportunity to conveniently scoop protestors off the streets and divert attention away from all the extraordinary news of this fast-rising tide of popular resistance, and many diverse positive forms.

There was some controversy as to whether the cops had tricked the protestors onto the bridge.

Here’s the General Assembly notes from Saturday after the arrests, which reveals that there is a very strong collective process taking place, and it seems the original idea was to use the pedestrian path on the bridge to connect the other NY burroughs. A good strategy, until the cops obstructed them, and forced a gamble to take the road.

XLterrestrials have advised : “Never make yourself an easy kettle! “

Hard to say if the massive number of arrests as covered by the corporate media has an overall positive effect. They are afterall economicly-armed PR experts who are quite capable of dividing and conquering, sewing fear and cynicism, apathy and indifference, and ignoring the truly advantageous + self-empowering bits of news. Such as: the unions and possibly even the Marines  stepping in to support the protesters ( unconfirmed posts that some troops from Fla. were travelling to join the occupation, one quoted as saying “We fought for our country, not for Wall Street.” Kind of a lame misinformed or paradoxical quote coming from mercenaries, but astounding nevertheless. ).

People in the movement, and people interested in the movement, need to consider the way in which the corporate media has its techniques for “News Kettling” the information away from the reasons this is all happening, the indignation, and the more tactical and useable information.  Thus transforming the story into empty Spectacle – the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge. repeat. the Bridge, the Arrests, the Bridge.

More importantly: WHAT’s NEXT ?!!

Incredible times!

more soon !

( Note , image at top, by the iconographic master, Eric Drooker )

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