Beyond the Valley Of The RepublicRats – part A: Occupy WallStreet


{ Is this another Tahrir moment ? }

Added: “Currently the turnout in NYC is very disappointing, but that certainly doesn’t mean that people should not find ways to continue to build and spread this movement. Our rage will continue to seek whatever forms are necessary to bring justice to the thieves on Wall Street, and sanity back into the political discourse.” a concerned XLterrestrial.

And still there’s a media blackout, same as it ever was … like in the current popular uprisings / ongoing resistant occupation forms in Israel, Spain, etc. It would seem that the unrest and subsequent power-grabbing in the Middle East is suitable for corporate media, but not covering where it matters most in terms of the global hegemony… and systemic abuses of power… and a nauseating culture of greed.

So more alternative resources coming soon!

In the meantime…

“The call to occupy Wall Street resonates around the world” by Micah White and Kalle Lasn

and Glenn Greenwald on the latest “campaign singing” to fix the problems, banker-style.

And a street-level view at Jodi Dean’s Icite blog

NYC Indymedia ? ( not much there, but an interesting discussion of why not + whereto )

+ a Livestream ( at Ziccotti Park re-renamed LIBERTY PARK )

+ The Free Change Collective ( w/ live reports )

+ We Are The 99 Percent

+ Added:

Firedoglake’s Live Blog For #Occupy Wallstreet + their Twitter List


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