Radical Summertime Blurbs (part 2)

Boyce’s He-Manamerican mess

[ G.W. Bush as He-Man Master of the Universe, Bryan Boyce 2008 ]

Another updated and added list of Radical Summertime Blurbs. Don’t Miss these highly recommended events, mostly in Berlin! >under construction<

25.06: Filmmaker and Culture Jammer Brian Boyce makes his LAST European presentation of “American Mess” an early unofficial G.W. Bush goodbye party in Berlin at ” GUNS and ARTS” show in Wedding:

Mittwoch 25.06. ab 20 Uhr
Hochstrasse 4 – Wedding
Gegenüber S/U Gesundbrunnen (Ausgang Badstrasse, neben Holiday Inn)


[ Filastine with MC Subzero Permafrost in France ]

25.06 Filastine at KnockenBox, Friedrichshain

27.06 Filastine with MDC + XLT crew at Festsaal, Kruezberg

28.06 Filastine at Fusion


26.06 – 29.06 Fusion Fest 2008

This year’s program includes: Watcha Clan, Dikanda, Gustav, Jahcoozi, Senser, and Filastine (as above), just to name a few Hot Tips. Not sure if XLT will drop in with the MDC crew yet or not, but stand by for a bit more info/links on all the brilliant musika in the coming days.


2.7 : XL Terrestrials presentiert “the Psychomedia Praxis Archives” at Subversiv

Freiluftkino (FrEE) + VoKu
Brunnenstraße 7, Berlin-Mitte
ab 21:30h

Short films + excerpts from
“The Transmigration Of The Telepresent” (2008 XLt program)
LIVE with Dr. Podinski

In the mix: new political animation bits from Knife Party from the feature
“Taking Liberties”, excerpts from “Phantom of the Operator” by Caroline
Martel, films from Brian Boyce’s “American Mess” tour, the latest newsreel
from Submedia TV and The Stimulator, “Kick It” a 2006 WM deconstruction by
FrickelFraktion, MediaSpree Versenken clips, music videos (i.e. Molitov,
Michael Franti, Ramallah Underground etc.), and more than a few surprises.

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