XLt Hotspots V.14: Just Imagine, Landlords Are Obsolete !


Ok, a dreamy preface, Imagine: 1. Landlords are Obsolete 2. Elections become choices for Community Actions,  Not about Installing Figureheads. 3. No one EVER gets to take more of your hard-earned income Than YOU.

< 03.09 > Mietenstopp Demo , 14h at Hermannplatz

4. your neighborhood organizes street festivals together


< 03.09 > Torstrassen Festival, multiple venues on the border of Mitte + Prenzlauer

5. And Music is Eveywhere!


6. Culture fans from everywhere come out to support, and artists + organizers get paid for their labor ! : )))

Speaking of which this great website has recently appeared on the web horizon, and should be making some realworld impacts to the culture industry in your area NOW:


ArtLeaks Site Here! ( some great text, btw )


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