XLt Hotspots v.13: if u think multiculturalism has failed you’re not listening!



Aziz Sahmaoui and University of Gnawa_tif



< 3.8 – 4.9 > Piranha’s annual multicultural Ramadan festival ! Full program here.

< 31.8 > Die Nacht nach Ramadan w/ Aziz Sahmaoui & Gnawa University, Hassan Abul Fadl, Malika Zarra, and Visuals by XLterrestials. Our Vj/design crew this year is Modul8 and madmapper master – Pedro Zaz, Michal Shilo from Red Channels outta NYC, and Podinski.


We are honored and proud to support Piranha’s massive multicultural efforts to represent all these brilliant artists from islamic cultures around the world, and in solidarity with those lands which are so often these days opportunistically misrepresented! To understand the Other, we must be ready to travel geographically + pschy0-geographically + spiritually. Let the music be the magic carpet and the connecting threads !

This is our 4th year collaborating with a series that began in 2005. And anyone who thinks that “multiculturalism has failed” ( Merkel, Cameron, etc.) , and that tolerance and respect are not the way and means of living collaboratively + sustainably on this diverse planet, is living in a fucking lunatic mono-cult bubble, and certainly isn’t listening and living by the Laws Of Music ! Get Real !

Please Note: While covering the game-changing hacker worlds at Chaos Camp, we lost a rather expensive camera. If you would like to support our efforts of sharing all the Multicultural + engaged Hotspots, and enjoy getting great visuals from the trails, please contact us to Donate! And/or if you have a camera that you no longer need, we’ll graciously accept ANY replacement !

Added: Other recommendations around the corner and on the horizon:


< 25.8 – 2.9 > ALL PLAY, NO WORK – ILLO and GUESTS Polish contemporary illustration exhibition
Ausstellung – Exhibition, Vernissage Thurs.


< 31.8- 31.10 > Almanci! – 50 Jahre Scheinehe, Theaterfestival, und Gegen Die Leinwaende, 50 Jahre 50 Filme, Ballhaus Naunystr.

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