XLt Hotspots v.12: poetic embodiments trump the unflesh logic


{ Modul8 + Tagtool + Polish poster art, Die.Puntigam vs. Podinski c.201o }


< 20.8 > Szimpla Cafe’s new “Badehaus Musiksalon” Pre-Launch Fest w/ dj/vj POdinksi + Akos  (aka Glideside ), at the R.A.W. gelaende, across from Cassiopeia, Fhain ab 22h.

Szimpla opens a new venue + restaurant with a great program of eastern flavors beginning in Sept. : < 26.9 > DVA (cz), < 20.9 > Nadara (Ro), < 23.9 > Foltin ( Mazedonia ),  < 17.9 > Gyas ( Serbia ), stay tune for links + a new site, but for now check the Szimpla site for news, and Der Ungarische Schnurrbart programming crew ( recently 2nd place winners of Karneval der Kulturen ).


{ suppenfaust }

< NOW > Event 2nite is also an afterparty to Suppa & Mucke, the Szimplon Street Fest, a supercool Support Yur Kiez initiative. 4 stages and over 30 bands and performances, ab 14h.


As we were looking for an eye-grabbing image to show some love for our comrades from Hungary, we found this one above. The “Copper Shoes Memorial on the Danube” above is not exactly a party-esque picture, but i guess it feeds into the paradoxical mood 2day… celebrate the poetic embodiments, resist the deadly logic games, be your own in-the-flesh hero ! No point wasting time with the party scenes of Fhain, unless it’s got the Soli flags waving high and the martial arts are in your dancing shoes ! The times are calling for being on high alert and ready to move at a community moment’s notice !


< 23.8 > Users Guide To The Millenium ( #2 ), COUNTER EDUCATION at Altes Finanzamt, with Marta + Publio ( Sp ), The Public School Berlin. Update: XLterrestrials will not participate in this round, but perhaps at a future date in the series.

Older news:

< 16.8 >  more Pigasus Solidarity at Buchhandlung Cafe… XLterrestrials will be doing a kaleidescope VJ set mixing some of the iconic polish masters – Starowieyski, Leszek ?ebrowski, Stasys Eidrigevicius, etc. using the Modul8 program. And pulling out the best bits of Silesian, Galician, Bukovina and Malopolska Dub sounds from the XLt library. And spread the word to the Chaos Campers overflow ! Vivat Na zdrowie ! [ p.s. AND there'll be a new Pigasus Solidarity v.3 Mix CD available for barter ] Where:  Tucholskystr. 32 in Mitte, ab 21:30h, More here: http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=7194

Brian Holmes, Kulturkritiker und Sozialtheoretiker
lebt in Chicago. Vortrag in englischer Sprache, at NGBK 19h


< 20.8 > Szimpla launches new space w/ Ungarische Schnurbart Party (part2 ) ,  < Now + 31.8 > Piranha’s Nights of Ramadan, <30.8 > Buchhandlung/ Pigasus Finnisage < 3.9 > Mietenstop Demo !! and more…



AND if we weren’t already booked, we’d be here: 10 YEARS OF LUCHA AMADA: http://luchaamada.blogsport.de/


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