XLt Hotspots (v.11): CiTiZEN KiNO #10: “Animal Spirits vs. Corporate Beasts” at Chaos Camp

URGENT: XLterrestrials are seeking funders/supporters/investors to bring CiTiZEN KiNO  to schools and various community centers this fall. A Media Self-defense Program which will encourage a more inhabitable and supportive cultural environment in the challenging scenarios ahead. Any amount can help ! If you’d like to become a C-KiNO patron, get in touch now. Our planet can’t wait much longer ; ) … And we’re developing some cool new premium gifts for Podopolog “subscribers”.


{ Chaos Camper in the day-2-day wild ? via gruetze + raumfahrtagentur + antenna-flog }

crash, meltdown, mindmeld or re-scape !

Chaos Camp 2011 HAS BEGUN !

Correction: Last week we wrote that this was taking place at the Fusion Festival property. THis Is NOT the same location. CCCamp is in Finowurt. So see the wiki link above for all the orientation info… weekend tix are SOLD OUT, but daytime ( + nitetime ) tix are still available.

So we took a glimpse of the LIVE STREAMS and watched the opening talk, ( From Hacker Spaces to.. ) “Hackers IN Space!” Enlightening!

Animal Spirits vs. Hackers in Space !?

Essentially, a new key focus for hackers is a DIY Space Program over the next 23 years ; )… Not sure we should take that too seriously ( except for the hacker-run satellite efforts ), though many are ! If ever there was a mad technotopian scenario to psycho-media-analyze, it’s THIS! XLterrestrials’ Citizen Kino #10 landing at Camp 2morw… before it’s too late ; )

Two discerning campers already challenged the project directions, One* : WHY send hackers into space? Why not more earth-based projects ? And Johannes from Monochrom : How do you get a payload into space w/o supporting the MIC ( i.e. SpaceX? co. ) and “getting one’s hacker hands dirty” w/ these corporations ? …Not quite the XLT tact, but close…

And if all this seems like a zillion miles from the crises that are unfolding in your hood and on your planet, read On …


< 12.08.01 > XLterrestrials present Citizen Kino #10: Animal Spirits vs. Corporate Beasts, Thurs.nite ( friday morning) at 01:00h ! in the  Baikonur hangar.

XLterrestrials have been experimenting with taking the cinema format to the next level. No No not 3-d! No No not media immersion + submersion ! No No not more disembodiment of information! But an expanded cinema, which tears through the screen, and aims for transfering the empowering media bits back into both a currency and useable community CURRENT that can be activated in the immediate bio-political realms.

For UPDATES + more on the work-in-progress theories and the arts + praxis of a new cinema: http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?page_id=6501 http://xlterrestrials.org/plog

Text coming shortly about what C-KIno #10 will focus on , but for now, some possible media for discussion + launching points:

new Adam Curtis’ “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace”, “Problema” by the Mindpirates, TED Talk by Jane McGonigal, “Into Eternity” by Michael Madsen, Cultures Of Resistance” by Iara Lee, “End:Civ” by Franklin Lopez, “Reality Distortion Field” by Next Media, “Robots Of Brixton” by Kibwe Tavares, “The External World” by David Oreilly” “”The Music Scene” by Anthony Francisco Schepperd ( ninjatunes ), “Bendito Machine III” by Zumbakamera, Vilem Flusser Archives DVD, The Mimic Octopus, “What’s on Spock’s Scanner” by Black Moon Studios, Best of Anonymous, “The Cinema is Dead” with Peter Greenaway, “Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus” by Patrick Clair, RSA Animations, “Radio Free Albemuth” by John Alan Simon, In Time ( trailer) by Andrew Niccol, etc etc.

Got some Suggestions? Send em to us or Bring Your Hot Media Bits to CiTiZEN KiNO Thursday Nite ! ( obviously we can’t play everything, but if ya got something spicy to stir into the pot, convince us ! )

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{ aerial foto, CC Camp 2011 via exiledsurfer }
* Correction. We originally wrote that this first camper was Daniel from the Open Leaks project. It was not. Also since this entry was written there is alot of problematic news regarding the leadeship of the Open Leaks project, which we have not had time to fully analyze. But things do not look good on the development of this new whisteblower sight.

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