Impossible is Nothing, and London’s All The Rage !


{ Addi’s new ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ advert * ? }

“London’s burning, and i liiive by the river…”

” It’s awful funny when politicos belch “this mindless violence must cease” when their city’s burning, but never when innocent people get killed or beaten by those in a uniform ! ” A.nony

A few resources:

Vision On Tv w/ UK Riots Map

London Indymedia


Panic In the Streets of London by Penny Red

11 Notes on the Disturbances by John Hutnyk

Why Here? Why Now ? by Tariq Ali

The Left Must Respond at Red Pepper


* Note: Not reposting pic source here, b/c it’s a site that suits the panopticon well, which calls for posting pics of looters, but thx to the unknown fotographer who captured this surreal pic }

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