The Mysterious Plaid Man, Paid Pie Hitman ?!!

Note: XLterrestrials apologize to Jonathan May-Bowles aka Jonnie Marbles, who appears to be a sincere artivist involved with projects like UK UNCUT.  And Thx to the Guardian coverage for giving us a clear picture !


{ Watch Guardian clip HERE }

Though we think it will continue to be extremely valuable to analyze + debate (detournement) strategies, and so we are leaving our original story – “The Mysterious Plaid Man, Paid Pie Hitman ?!! ” intact below, for further consideration.

Our original piece, created immediately after the action, was meant to be some trial speculation. As the whole media circus and lack of serious investigation ( and/or arrests! ) in regards to one of the most dangerous media empires in history left us with little recourse but to experiment with XLt coverage.

But given some afterthought, we can understand and appreciate the complexities of the moment. Timing here is everything, and it must have been quite a challenging, if not agonizing, process to find the moment to proceed with a pie plan.

Unfortunately May-Bowles may have helped the Murdochs (and accomplices) more than he possibly could have realized. And while we still consider the “Activism vs. Ego-ism” article below an important critique, we ALSO stand by artivists who dare to ACT !

original XLt report(s):


{ Leave it to RT to have the footage first }

See updates, below.

So folks, if you’re just catching up, during the Hackgate hearings, Rupert Murdoch was pied by a strange man in a plaid shirt. Until now there is no frontal image of the attack, and we might suspect it was not a direct hit. Not a pie exactly, but a paper plate of shaving foam. And here in this RT image, he even appears as if he pied himself. In a room which you would imagine to be filled with bailiffs and security, it is none other than Rupert’s wife who appears to have been one of the quickest to interfere with the attacker, and perhaps partially fending him off (?), and you can hear what sounds like her connecting (open-handed?) smack on the attacker’s head.

RT Footage Here

The footage also reveals in an interesting and oddly cut point ( which begs the question who is supplying /selling this SAME RECURRING footage to RT, SKY, BBC, etc. ? )  whereby James Murdoch who is sitting immediately beside his father, looking shocked but certainly not hurrying to get up out of his chair. In fact, he is exceptionally slow to respond to a supposedly threatening attacker, and does not interfere in the pie act(ion) whatsoever.

In many such circumstances, we should commend a brave disrupter of Spectacle (in-) justice, but this is News Of The World meets UK Parliament circus at its fishiest. The XLterrestrials psychomedia analysts are now running this through the lab, and asking a few hard “anti-journalist” questions, i.e. common sense, intuition, non-expert intellect, and/or a little outrageous conjecture:

“Seriously, would a STRANGER wearing a PLAID SHIRT be allowed into one of most intense courtrooms of the 21st century ??! Not bloody likely ! ” Dr. Podinski

“By the end of Murdoch hearing you had this ridiculous judicial committee apologizing to the biggest media scumbag in the history of mass media. PR Genius !? Taken from the Berlusconi playbook ??!” Dr. Xist, specialist in Roman EmpireS.

” We’re currently researching the Plaid Man. Paid Pie Hit ?!! Start yur research engines, for the end-of-the-world circus has only just begun !” an underpaid Newsroom janitor


… and let us know what you find !

First un-obscure lead: Jonnie Marbles

Added: Here’s an interesting critique by the Center for Artistic Activism ( CAA) from the face-value angle that it is an unadulterated activist move, and asking is it activism or ego-ism?

Added #2: Marbles in his own words in The Guardian

New Commentary: From what Marbles writes, it is maybe a bit more difficult to imagine him as The Murdochs’ own player. Though one might still want to investigate his activist backround + integrity further, and see if it is still possible he was hired or even manipulated into the action.

But more likely this gives us clues into another level of psychomedia analysis, touched upon  in the Center For Artistic Activism article above. A flawed strategy. And one could go deeper into where arts+activism are getting deeply lost in purely symbolic acts ( and/or a self-promotional Game).

And while those of us in the field are acutely aware of the role media plays in shaping our (consensus) realities , (public) perception, our game-field… we must take into account that the old forms of detournement  + INFO WAR increasingly take place primarily behind enemy lines, on corporate battlefields, where lone players ( especially) manage only to enter in with mere water pistols, and for only a brief instant. Making another spot on the spectacle grid, it seldom leaves marks on Heavyweights + Power the following day.

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