XLt Summer Hotspots v.8: Animal Spirits vs. Corporate Beasts


{ a dubscope snapshot from our XLt ^s. Dub Gabriel set @ Das Buro, now creating a visual frame for the next CiTiZEN KiNO at Chaos Camp 2011. }

take the # of hours spent w/ a screen, subtract time spent w/ living creatures, multiply by the # of yur corporate-made belongings + work hours required to afford them = welcome to the new colony! ” XLt analysis, the dark theater math.


Lots of Hotspots coming soon: Chaos Camp 2011 ( Aug.10-14 ), Are You Working Too Much?  w/ E-flux editor Anton Vidokle and contributor Hito Steyerl at Pro QM Books( July 19 ), Piranha’s “Nights Of Ramadan” w/ 17 Hippies , University of Gnawa, XLterrestrials, Metropolis festival in CPH ( Aug.), Flusser Reading Group presented by THE PUBLIC SCHOOL BERLIN and VFA ( July 21 + 22)  …  and always more coming !


< 10-14.7 > We are currently working on a CiTiZEN KiNO program for Chaos Congress Camp 2011, if you are interested Please Contact Us. We’d like to create some new collaborations. Every 4 Years, CCC hosts a summer camp event, once again scheduled for Finowurt, the old Soviet airbase where Fusion festival takes place. Sure to be a wild overtime network of physical bodies and their planet-changing strategies + codes.

C-KINO is now on The Camp Wiki, have a Look!

to be cont.

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