XLt Summer Hotspots v.7: Who Owns The Hood !?




< 15.07 > Wide Scope Of Dub, w/ Dub Gabriel, Djane Mohak, Shazam, Adam Atics + Ken Mutant , and vjs Tofa (tresor) and XLterrestrials’ Dr. Podinski on a 3-beamer +  6-screen surround-a-scope visual set ! @ Das Buro, Kunsthaus Tacheles, ab 22h.

the fedbook invite ( at yur own risk ; )

Aside from it being an epic Brooklyn vs. Btown dub convergence, rumor has it we’ll be throwing down an afterparty til sunrise for the Red Channels (NYC) and the KuhleWampe Club ( inspired by the film collective co-founded by Brecht in the 30s ). That is now the name of a Berlin working group, and if you’re interested to find out what they’re up to, and how to join, read more at the ‘RC’ Berlin Blog page.



< 15-17.7 >  21st Schokoladen Hoffest, w/ a full weekend program. See more HERE + on Fedbook invite.



{ Do Not Forgive, Do Not Forget ! }

< 16.7 > Demo, 10 Jahre Genua, Kein Vergeben – Kein Vergessen! 22h Lausitzerplatz



< 16.7> Demo,  Spree Ufer Fuer Alle !  16h Frankfurter Tor.

more coming!

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