XLt Summer Hotspots, v.6: Civilian “Space” Program


< 09.07 > Eurozentrika vernissage at Leap, featuring dozens of artists i.e. Tanja Ostojic, Baruch Gottlieb, open for the next 5 days. see link for times.


{ From REd Channels “As A Crowd Gathers” }

< 10.07 > Red Channels in Berlin ( see full program) present “LESS FETISH, MORE ACTION! ALL POWER TO COLLECTIVITY! ” : w/ collectives in attendance: Global Alien, Ak Kraak and Metanationale… and  XLterrestrials, Globale doc fest added. And YOU ! At New Yorck at Bethanien, 20:00h.

Creative forces often group temporarily together and experiment with identities and methods in plural. Thereby they activate “collective intelligences” (Pierre Lévy), and often recreate the rules of the game and liberate as a form of a “generalized aesthetics for once less fetishes than rather forces for action” (Michel Onfray).
Dr. Birte Kleine-Benne, Working Together in the Art of the Next Society, 2010

How do we gather around affinities and desires?
How do we take decisions together?
How do we invent new politics when working through our inter-collective conflicts?
How do our collective identities defy the categories of art and politics, activism and the media?

+ < added: 11.7 > Originally scheduled for last thurs. Walking tour postponed until Monday night. Details Here.

More Hotspots to come…

And meanwhile XLterrestrials are busy analyzing the last Atlantis Shuttle Mission, an excerpt – work-in-progress – comments welcome, And yes we plan to take it past the cynical and into strategies for CIVILIAN “SPACE” PROGRAMMING  :

Treacle Sponge Pudding+Flag_on_Moon11

NASA’s Treacle-down Technologies ?!

The XLterrestrials used to make jokes that the benefits to humans from US-military science, i.e. NASA were things like Tang ( orange-colored sugar water w/ zero-resemblance to the taste of orange fruit), Space-Sticks ( pre-power bars, similarly tasting unlike anything resembling food), and Velcro. Ok the last one is kinda cool, but something should tell you it doesn’t take billions of dollars to invent.

Is the Era of Penis-shaped Rocket Science Over ?!!

And just recently looking at NASA’s own page of what we can assume are the top of the litter – of “100 technology spinoffs”,. we get from the Space Shuttles, MANY are worthy of serious cynical analysis. A few of which help parasitic + invasive law-enforcement. And Oh boy, insulation for Nascar racers, now that’s useful ! And we can only hope that the artificial heart tech will NOT be used to keep Mr. Cheney alive ! We can be pretty sure it’s the kind of health-benefit that only dickhead CEO’s can afford… and need ?!  Here’s the list, make your own anaylsis : http://www.sti.nasa.gov/tto/shuttle.htm

* note: “Velcro was used during the Apollo missions to anchor equipment for astronauts’ convenience in zero gravity situations. Although it is a Swiss invention from the 1940s, it has since been associated with the Space Program. ” from Spinoff FAQs page. And actaully Tang and Space Sticks are also not NASA products/inventions. But more on that another day.

XLT News::


We are excited to announce the XLterrestrials have another upcoming project collaboration with Piranha Events on Aug. 31 ….stay tuned !


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