High-Speed Btropolis: XLt Summer Hotspots, v.5


{ cover from Jajouka’s Live . Vol.1 release in 2009 / Attar and friends somewhere in Morocco }

< 02.07 > Master Musicians Of Jajouka w/ Dub Gabriel … w/ added visual set by XLterrestrials’ vj Podinski at Haus Der Kulturen, Berlin. And see Jajouka site for full tour info.

And an interesting article at Generation Bass ( from feb 2011) about Gabriel’s projects with them, pulling together an incredible list of collaborators for some new Jajouka material. One project Transnational Dubstep is already out. And Rumour has it collaborations will continue w/ a whole host of folks being brought in to join Bachir Attar and crew in the studio from Alexander Hacke (Neubauten), Sassan Gari (Baboon), Raz Mesinai (Badawi), David J., Genesis P. Orridge, etc.


{ Speaking of the latter, here’s an old flyer from a Temple Ov Psychic Youth collab. 1990s? }

And check the label site Destroy All Concepts, for Gabe’s additional EU gigs and upcoming production plans.

Added:: < 02.07 > Jajouka afterparty w/ Dub Gabriel, maybe the XLterrestrial vjs. at Trickster, Oberbaumstr. 11 , Kreuzberg, ab 23:00h.


< 02-12.07 > Red Channels collective from NYC has a series of events, workshops and discussions over 10 days at various venues in Berlin, such as West Germany, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Okk, and B_books. Check out their blog here for full program. Reps from AK Kraak and XLterrestrials are likely to participate in their event on July 10 at Bethanien: “LESS FETISH, MORE ACTION! ALL POWER TO COLLECTIVITY!”


{ Atop the ol’ Soviet hangers }

< 30.6-3.7 > Fusion festival has begun…

Now Berlin/Germany’s hippest summer event, with an always impressive independent music lineup. In the town of Lars about 1.5 hour from Berlin, on an old Soviet airbase where a half-dozen bunker-like hangars are transformed into massive stages, and another dozen scattered about in the woods.

While we tend to get a little cynical about these mega-consumption gaherings, we have to admit the team here does an heroic job of keeping a level-headed, but wild playground, beautifully organized with progressive thinking on many fronts. Some interesting elements which support some local scenes in Very Positive ways, i.e. Berlin’s local Video Collective AK Kraak is hired to do the info-stands, which manages to feed their productions for the next YEAR.

Also note: the Lars property will host Chaos Communications Summer Camp in August, stay tune for more details on that. A special XLt Citizen Kino is being planned.

But make no mistake, the real rocking party actions this summer may have nothing to do with the predictable party/entertainment fare ( + bizness). The BIG CULTURAL EVENTS may be coming to a CENTRAL SQUARE near you! No tickets required !


As in the birthplace of the west’s so-called democracy, Athens’ central Syntagma (Constitution) Square is getting HOT, following an EU bailout deal which will put a number of stranglehold austerity measure in place, which essentially puts the brunt of financial fuck-ups on the poor for years to come. ANd The people say NO to the bankers’ world. And YES to another possible future ! > Solidarity for Greece! Solidarity against the thieves + the liars ! Watch HERE! Expect MORE ! The Time IS NOW ! A general strike has been called !

more coming sooon!

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