High-Speed Btropolis: XLt Summer Hotspots, v.4


{ Art from Benjamin Lacombe }

News: Der Ungarische Schnurrbart ( the hungarian moustache ) and the Szimpla + Tuzrakter crew won 2nd prize at Karneval der Kulturen ( read about all the 2011 winners here ) … Fotos by Denis Beviz. And You can follow Schnurrbart news on Fbook. And Szimpla news here. Szimpla’s 2nd Berlin location is due to open sometime around August.

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fete+ peng23+ la-plebe-entre-cerveza-cover+

{ Fete / Solstice , La Plebe and Shaban & Capt. Peng }

< 21.06 > Fete de la Musique ( full BERLIN program here )…  ( note: plans for Podinski + XLterrestrials participating at Szimpla are postponed for a later date ).

After just a quik scan … Some highlights: Lovelite in Fhain looks fun, 19h : La Plebe ( latin/ska/punk ) aus San Fran and 18:20h : Incredible Herrengedeck // Wendel , exp. jazz, z.b. 18:45h :  Tony Buck… // and Ooooh, 19h: Shaban + Kapt. Peng at Betahaus … ( FReesssh!, check em Here. )

AND check the Stressfaktor for listings at Morgenrot Cafe + for Trickster + Convoi Wagenburg !


< 17-19.06> Currently there’s the 13th annual 48 Hours of Neukoelln, which seems to have grown into a tourism monstrosity ( w/ sponsors like Wolfgang Joop, Biotronik and Lotto, companies we don’t have much comment on at this time, nevertheless… big money! ) but it’s still a fun open studios event to explore one of the more active districts of Berlin. We are a little disappointed that no one seems to be taking the piss out of the 48-Stunden organizers for this. But we will add they currently have an editorial on the site, which has evidence of programmers w/ an eye for neighborhood sustainability. Unfortunately we don’t have time to interview anyone to see if this is more talk than praxis. ( comments??)

It’s a complex debate what alliances to make in producing cultural endeavors. “Why does it matter who sponsors your Kiez ( = hood) and yur local arts scene”, you might be asking? “Take the money and run” some will say. Well, as an example, lets take a quick look at Based-In-Berlin exhibition. Here you’ll see how gallery arts are truly a rotting corpse, when they are completely out of touch with the issues of our times, the zeitgeist, and anything that really kicks hard against the pricks, and/or digs deep to sustain the independent trails.

The more culture becomes commodified and transformed into a spectacle ’sport’, the less you will have manifestations of the grassroots-variety and “longhaul” community-based artworlds, which bring challenging ( + urgent) issues to the fore.

So we’ll have to come back for a little deeper analysis and tactical guide for keeping yur arts “pure”, when we can… *see below *


In the meantime, if you’d like to visit dj Podinski’s Soundcloud there’s a gem of a track up from The Incredible Herrengedeck called “Prenzlauer Berg”, which paints the sorrow now felt by those who knew this once upon-a-time cultural epicenter of Berlin some 15 years ago ( with a warning to Friedrischshain.. and Neukoelln take heed as well !]. Coincidentally, these rising stars of resistance-balladeers are playing tonight for 48hours at Fuchs&Elster, more info here. With an e-balkan dj to follow called Horst Schluepper.


* * A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible, a useful text from Arts Against Cuts + Minor Compositions to know what realtime struggles are going on to really LIVE the arts 2day !


Things coming up: Fete de La Musique, Master Musicians of Jajouka w/ Dub Gabriel, Red Channels from NYC in Berlin, CiTiZEN KiNO, and much much more…

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