Podinski’s Psychotronic Ostblok + Russian Frisco party – 28.5 at Ragnarhof



++ liebe art Organisms and friends of the XL terrestrials ++
This might be our last show in Austria for awhile…
so come join the fun !!!
+++ [[ And RARE chance to pik up some Podinski CD samplers;
HELP SUPPORT the XL Terrestrials GET HOME : ]]

Mittwoch – 28.5.08

::: Podinski’s Psychotronic Ostblok + Russian Frisco party :::
Soho in Ottakring – @ Ragnarhof – Grundsteingasse 12
Freie Entritt
ab 21:00h


nyc gypsybesh o drom

dj Podinski (XL terrestrials – San Francisco/Berlin) und Überraschungsgast

Mixing the Berlin Mitte east side revolutions with San Francisco’s Left
Coast world music melting pot. Bring yur roma/nomad/noborder spirits and
yur Red shoes!…

Everything from Taraf de Haidouks rmxd to Slobodan Salijevic Orkestar
to Gogol Bordello/J.U.F. to Dr. Bajan to Besh o Drom to Amsterdam Klezmer Band rmxd to
TNSO to Rotfront, etc etc.

+ rare Russian/Polish animations and other psychotronic visuals.


What the hell is “Russian Frisco” u ask??

Ever since The Wall fell, u know That One, the eastern cultures have been
rampantly transforming and liberating lives in the West… mostly through
music, vodka and soviet tchotchkes…who knows what’s Next??! And since about 1999, we’ve been
importing/ exporting/smuggling the eastern musika to and from the USSA.
Guaranteed to push all your future nostalgia buttons or your money back!

And Psychotronic Ostblok??

That’s a longer story, but you can start here:

Xtra Xtra Note:

We just discovered this nice resource for balkan brass, roma, eastern ethno musika… BAckata.com … … … … … … … …. cd covers from No Somking Orchestra and Besh o drom and NY Mehenata Gypsy Mania compilation.




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