High-Speed Btropolis: XLt Summer Hotspots, v.3


{ Ton-Steine-Garten, Kreuzberg }

This summer is going to be wild !  Will economic collapse ANd/OR unrest AND/OR pro-active citizen creativity rule the day ??! There’s incredible things brewing… we think big change is gonna come ! No, No definitely not in small amounts. The Spanish Revolution is heating up Euro-wide. The walls in the Middle East are beginning to shake ! No one is taking any neo-liberal gasbags for real! It’s high time for a parallel universe to bloom right here, right now !

And just now in Berlin, there’s liberatory gardens sprouting everywhere and  flooding the air with the fragrance of flowers and fruit of the exotic + fertile resistance:


< 12.06 > Karneval Der Kulturen, parade (Umzug) + afterparty, w/ Dj Suefo + DJ/vj Podinksi.

A rare species of collaboration bringing the best of Budapest to Freidrichshain…The  Szimpla Cafe team is bringing all the forces together to test out their new location at the R.A.W.-Gelaende/Cassiopeia – A new Eastblok Cultural HQ for Berlin ( restaurant + live music venue ), which will open sometime in August.

There will be peeps from Goulasch Exotica, Tuzrakter, and a little help from the Berlin east-sides, Der Ungarische Schnurbart + the XL Terrestrials ! Gonna be a blast !

Xlt recommendation:


< 09.06 > Amon Tobin at Astra, Berlin

Tobin brings his new roadshow ( and new release ” ISam” ) into town with a cutting-edge 3-d visual system, which is at the forefront of the lastest VJ trends, Mapping ! Something the XLterrestrials have been investigating with Modul8 pros United VJs. We’re going to scout it out for an upcoming article ( and upcoming tactical applications ) !


{ “i pledge resistance” }


< 09.06 > “Tactical Performance: the theory and practice of serious play” a talk by author and activist Larry Bogad, Frei Universitat -4pm. Main Auditorium of the Department of Theatre Studies, Grunewaldstrasse 35, 12165 Berlin. Corner of Schmitt-Ott Str.

L.B., returned from 5 weeks working with political artists in
revolutionary Egypt, will present his work and theory on what he calls
“Tactical Performance.” Tactical Performance is the use of humor,
imagination, irony, and “serious play” to help social movements
communicate their ideas and agendas to a larger audience, and to
pressure authorities in a nonviolent but effective way. He will talk
about the Yes Men and our fake newspapers and Survivaballs, Iraq
Veterans Against the War, 1000 Coffins, Glacier Ice Cream, Ronald
McDonald’s Crisis, Healthcare Guerrilla Musical, The Clown Army, the
Oil Enforcement Agency, and several other examples.

< More > … Master Musicians Of Jajouka w/ Dub Gabriel, 20 years celebration of Deutsch-Polnische Jugendwerk (DPJW),  MS Stubnitz in Hamburg + more coming soon !

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