World Security Days: The New Security Culture ‘expo’ in Vienna, May 25-30



Global Security Alliance presents World Security Days May 25-30 in Vienna with Konrad Becker, Eva Horn, Brian Holmes… Films from Critical Art Ensemble, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Kuda and much more. Story coming soon!

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Excerpts from the article : “Extraterrestrial Biopolitics and Creative Industries Security “ :

“Global media and business networks create a planetary environment for geopolitical experimentation with global parameters of life – and death. The “Grand Chessboard” of the geo-strategic world has expanded to outer space and inner space. Conflict management has migrated into the military entertainment complex, the domain of culture, media and the creative industries.”

“The space age began with a grand media spectacle. In the 1960’s, for the first time in history, planet Earth was emerging in the consciousness of a global audience, terrestrials on a pale blue dot in the vastness of the skies. But the innocent picture of Man on the moon was diverting attention from an advanced weapons program for the militarization of space.”

“The successful collaboration of Walt Disney and Wernher von Braun, Disney’s expert on the “World of Tomorrow”, was deeply emblematic as it represents a historic point in time and the beginning of a new era of geopolitical domination beyond the planet. It marks the chemical wedding of technologies of war and the mind, the conception of cosmic warfare and the birth of the new military-entertainment complex.”

“In the 21st century the technologies of material control and subjective internalization are in a process of converging. The traditional twin operations, with which the authorities aim to win the hearts and minds, the binding maneuvers of law enforcement and the dazzling illusionist control of the imagination, are transforming into each other. Not unlike werewolves using the powers of the moon for a violent metamorphosis, contemporary agencies of power turn into shape shifters and fluctuating modes of dominance. Star Wars technology shape-shifts into applications of creative industries, into the domain of desire, imagination and mediated lunacy.”

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