High-Speed Btropolis: upcoming summer events v.1

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{ Plaenterwald, Berlin. Foto – Doro Tuch}

Loads of exciting things this coming weekend ! We’re going to just toss up a bunch of links and come back for a more detailed overview. And also put up a # of things on our radar for what looks to be a wild ride summer…  “By the seat of our pants” as they say. We’re not sure what they meant, but it’s all part of the dada-or-die aesthetic.


{ Ônibus Verde – a project by BIJARI during the SWU 2010 festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil. }

< 27-29.05 > BETWEEN WINDOWS, Latin America and Beyond, a project from Mindpirates Verein and Side By Side Studios. < see full schedule > FB**k invite here.

“Jorge Luis Borges talked about a red fish swims backwards so the water will not get into its eyes in El libro de los seres imaginarios (The Book of Imaginary Beings), this red fish pops up whenever I am confronted with differences in thinking.

Between Windows attempts to initiate dialogues about and around Latin America to see if we can swim backwards together. Films, debates, book objects, political-cultural projects, live performances from Brazil, Uruguay, Chili, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and beyond.”

Live Streamed all weekend here by Arscenic and Groovalizacion


< 27.05 > A USER´S GUIDE FOR FOR MILLENIUM at Altes Finanz Amt, Berlin. Fb**k invite here

// Presentations by Juste Kostikovait (Kioskproject, Berlin) and Arantxa Mendiharat (Conexiones Improbables, Bilbao) //

This is the first of a series of sessions devoted to the backstage of artistic and cultural projects: money, precariousness, legal stuff, working conditions, etc. Those issues we usually address when the public event is over and we go for a beer, as if they were not a
structural part of what we do (even though we know they are).

( GReat Topics for all cultural producers !!!! Standby for an XLt report. )


< 27-29.05RE-TOUCHING McLUHAN – THE MEDIUM IS THE MASSAGE, at Canadian Embassy, Berlin

< 26-29.05 > Lunapark … is open for a HAU Theater event, a rare chance to see the former DDR-era amusement park grounds aka Plaenterwald… in Treptow. Now closed for many years. Like stumbling upon 21st century ruins (… and the apes control the earth).

And On the musical sides:


Candie Hank: Friday – at Eschloraque with Yuko Matsuyama + Infinite Livez !!!
Saturday – DJ at Basso with Errorsmith, Parabelles and more .. !!!
Sunday – Haus am Lützowplatz / Jim Avignon / Nova Huta/ Neoangin/ Jens Friebe / Chris Imler and Remedy Blank


Is there an Arab Spring or Spanish Revolution – for Real Democracy – near YOU?? :


{ Puerta del Sol , madrid}

For Berlin actions, a local Fb**k group HERE , and for a great list of resources from Spain and beyond follow the PtqK blog



{ crackdown in Barcelona }

A good summary of what’s been happening by Pablo Ouziel, and about yesterday’s newly SELECTED ( no real democracy ) Spanish govt.’s decision to call for a crackdown on peaceful protestors. And a glimpse of why this is very likely going to spread throughout the EU. Reform or Revolution !?

And artivist + revolutionary beat-maker, Filastine reports straight from the heart of Plaza Catalunya !

more sooon.

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