Jodorowsky in Btropolis! ( XLt reports)


Joanna Gorska & Jerzy Skakun’s polish El Topo poster, 2008 ( these and other Jodorowsky film posters¬† -possibly- still available at Pigasus Galerie in Berlin.


< 12.05 > A “Holy Mountain afterparty” at Buchhandlung Cafe, Tucholskystr. 32 , B-Mitte,¬† w/ dj/xj Podinski…a vj/window installation mix, puppeteer(s) + special guests + YOU ?? Bring Your Own Psychomagic Ritual !! From 22:00h, following the Holy Mountain screening at KW. See below:

Four Days Of JODOROWSKY at KW, Berlin

We would like to try and post a few musings over the next days about one of the XLterrestrials great mentors, Alejandro Jodorowksy, who will be coming to Berlin for a talk to open KW Institute’s encounter with a healing arts master.

< 11.05 > The program begins with a talk by AJ , followed by an EL TOPO screening. 20h… if you’re serious about catching him, it is highly recommended to arrive early… doesn’t appear to be any pre-sale tickets.


{ from the PlanoCreativo blog }

Unfortunately this isn’t taking the form of something we were lucky to have been part of in San Francisco a few years ago. The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology had invited him to give a weekend-long workshop.

KW has 4 films on 4 nights scheduled, with one undoubtedly too short introductory talk by AJ on wednesday night.

Of course we’re happy for any opportunities to absorb his teachings. But this is not an event providing for the crux of his current + life work. Most people know this auteur for his films and association with the Surrealists, secondly by his ingenious comics collaborations, and usually last by his pioneering developments in shamanic practices which he terms Psychomagic, where the Artworld meets Healing meets Tarot meets unlocking human consciousness.

By all means if one has never seen the films – and two of his masterpieces had remained fairly obscure cinema, in part because of a 30-year legal battle over control – Go See Them !

But we will be curious if the incredibly kind and gift-bearing Jodorowsky will shock his unsuspecting KW audience in a far more unexpected way than in those wild experimental voyages into cinema. In his “wise + gentle period”, will he provide a glimpse that he may have been the first artist to have successfully driven a stake into the heart and eye of the entertainment (cult+celebrity) machine !?


{ from Holy Mountain }

Perhaps he’ll even have a psychomagic ritual for Deadly Hipsterism in Btropolis ; ) *

stay tune! XLT reports…

Added:  AJ at KW Institute archived by our compa Adrian Shephard - from TestCard Рwho we met about 2 years ago at UDK (Uni der Kunst), where Craig Baldwin was giving a guest lecture ( 5 HOURS ! and no one left the room ! ) + workshops.:

Jodo in Berlin!

Part 1

Part 2

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