The Osambi Unicorn Theory (of Everything Evil)


{ from the clip Extreme Osama Unicorn Attack , thx johannes! }

“LOOK, If you are willing to believe corporate media – especially when it’s being fed info from a Special Forces Operation ( JSOC ) – u might as well just stab yurself in the eyes with a fork now. I’m not saying Bin Laden’s not dead, but calling it “a closure to 9/11″, for example ( Matthew Hoh – or Joshua Foust? – on Democracy Now ), is a little like thinking the easter bunny is working overtime to save you from Wall Street, and the Democrats are really Unicorns delivering truth and rainbows to the world.” Anon

A full UNicorn Osambi investigation coming soon !


{ not fotoshopped, and no cats were harmed or assassinated }

Surely there’s a million other more important things to do then analyze the latest Weekly World Pentagon News, like stay focused on our What To Do In Case Of Falling Empires project ( a 21st century survival guide )… or wonder what to do about scientists’ latest claim that the melting of the polar caps could result in a 5-ft sea level rise. … Or how to get all that money out of the hands of the bankers’ terror networks…

But we couldn’t help notice the world getting sucked into the vacuum like zombies to war-porn honey. And we found Adam Curtis’ analysis to be especially intriguing stuff:

For 10 years, Osama bin Laden filled a gap left by the Soviet Union. Who will be the baddie now? Neoconservatives, ‘terror journalists’ and Osama bin Laden himself all had their own reasons to create a simple story of looming apocalypse.

And then out of the XLterrestrial lab came an extended footnote to this:

It’s ironic that the term manicheanism is derived from an Iranian Gnostic religion, and has now become the modus operandi of US + EU politics !!! ( at least its public projection of agendas ). And that, in essence, as a spiritual/philosophical concept has some traces of wisdom in it ( still researching ), BUt as a realworld secular obsession (objective + manipulation) it is the root of full scale global terror and the booming Security Inc. The west has transformed itself into a a looney iranian fundamentalist fringe sect.

( tears + laughter  + more laughtears )

Children in the The Manichean Kingdom can now get Mickey’s autograph, witness fantasy executions, and watch Cinderella’s currency turned to a bloody lump of coal at midnight.

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