22.5 (+ 28.5) XLt performs another Interactive Cinema implosion with Anti-Intermissions by Beta_test at Soho Festival in Ottakring



Our next XLT shows are a collaboration with the 10th year of Soho Festival In Ottakring, the Ragnarhof gallery/venue, and our special guests Beta_test, the experimental group whose lab we are currently writing from, where Sonance ( a bit like a collective Laughing Squid arts+culture service provider) meets every Wednesday and the IFA – Institut fuer Allgemeinwissenschaften ( Institute for General Science)- meets every Thursday, and strange and otherworldy music will often be heard in the catacomb studio below on any day of the week.

Many thanks to our flyer creator Stefan from Basislager whose been working with Ubermorgen on The Sound Of Ebay which opened last week in Madrid and this week at the New Museum in New York…

And our ingenious Viennese host Pi 3.14159 !

Ilyos Mamadjanov

[enjoyment alone by Ilyos Mamadjanov ]

Ottakring is the 16th district which lies just west of the Ring (Guertel) which is the traffic circle which surrounds and defines the city center. Here on the western edge is where Vienna’s immigrant culture is most dense and gentrification, as usual, looms darkly over the lives of a population already pushed to the fringe. The Soho Fest is an increasingly controversial and challenged annual event which is deeply connected to the diversity of the neighborhood, involves a multiplicity of projects exploring immigrant lives, and yet remains aware of the dangers of opening up the area’s cultural riches in a 2 week-long celebration. Artists building bridges and pushing boundaries will often unintentionally open the floodgates to speculation, the so-called “economic and social progress”, and “cleaning up” of a neighborhood. It’s a highly mixed and complex bag, and while many opportunities are created for the local artists and businesses, there inevitably come others who begin staking self-interested claims on someone else’s block.


Ethnocineca is one of the many projects presenting at SOHO… The ETHNOFESTopening party at The Badeschiff 20.5 with Skeptic Eleptic and the Skaddicts.

And the painting above, from Ilyos, is in connection with a Tadjikistan art Org called Tadsch:AU, also particpating in SOHO.


See the full SoHo in Ottakring events calendar here. And our own XLt event listed here.

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We have been assembling a lot of new themes, new clips and tactical directions for this version of the TRANSMIGRATION OF THE TELEPRESENT. Many thanks to Media Decompression Berlin and Artifact Productions in Montreal … and all the filmmakers and artivists who have provided all the inspiration.

terrorister+ phantom of the operator+ darthvaderipod.jpg+ToT +1670d.jpg +clarke +cyborg +99cents +sexfront +WR-mysteries of the organism +operator =fuck for forests ??

stay tune for a bit of podopolog text to accompany the visual overload…




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