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New additions : Japan Support Part 3 :


{ radiation mappings }

New: Crowd-sourced realtime radiation monitoring in Japan. ( Thx Denisa! ) We haven’t checked this out yet, but looks like a great resource for people to be able to monitor the data separate from the official stories/versions… feedback welcome !


Democracy Now has been speaking often with Philip White, an outspoken critic and international liaison officer at the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center ( link to fresh reports on Fukushima)  based in Tokyo, Japan.

Inside report from Fukushima nuclear reactor evacuation zone ( posted on Youtube April 6, 2 anonymous drivers checking radiation levels w/ 2 differing geiger counters, up to 1.5 km away from Fukushima plant, note: looks very authentic, but we remain suspicious of both official + unofficial reports… as there is an incredible amount of disinformation floating out there, and high motivation for obscuring the danger levels. )

Counterpunch articles, dark analysis :

A Slow Agonizing Death
Fukushima, Nearly a Month In By RUSSELL D. HOFFMAN

Glow Boys and Gamma Sponges
Fukushima’s Suicide Squads By RUSSELL D. HOFFMAN


Japan Support Part 2:

(Previous news + resources posted from March 28th, w/ brief XLt commentary + objective. )


{ Guardian UK, Ian Sample on containment }


{ AKW Katastrophe fotos von Der Spiegel }


{ Latest video footage linked in a Commondreams discussion of AP story }

Astounding that with the dangers of the Fukushima reactors increasing, many major media channels have switched headlines to other matters. So we are constructing a PART 2 of our Japan support page.

Of course there’s perhaps little many of us can do in such a complex matter…as we watch helplessly the nightmare expand, but by not allowing the corporate info flows ( which are heavily supported /controlled by the nuclear power industry ) to minimize the dangers we face from this colossal accident , we hope to ultimately assist local movements to put pressure on nuclear countries to power-down. It seems painfully obvious that the risks of future calamities at other plants are unacceptable! The time is Now! Shut ‘em Down !

With the Fukushima dilemma, Michio Kaku, for one, has begun recommending immediate replacement of Tepco from coordinating the emergency  response team.

The wider we can spread the hard facts, the quicker we may influence the decisions that an international body of scientists can replace a disreputable corporate entity which is apparently covering their own ass and restricting crucial data and may simply be overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.

A little similar to the Gulf spill being handled by the culprits themselves. Fukushima may represent an even more dangerous situation for our global well-being, and certainly for those in the vicinity in Japan.


{ widely posted in reports., i.e. BBC }

Greenpeace’s recommendations to expand the evacuation zone has been rejected.

Please send us any critical information you may find, and we’ll attempt to compile and relay the resources here.

This clip with Arnie Gunderson ( March 18), a nuclear whistleblower with plenty of experience re: Mark 1 reactor designs… is very revealing … and disturbing.

pics from the AKW Demo saturday in Berlin :


Please see Part 1 for donations section + more resources. Please send us your links and comments !

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