CiTiZEN KiNO # 8 : Don’t Just Click There, DO SOMETHING !


{ foto by Mark Harris }

< 25.03 > CiTiZEN KiNO #8: Don’t Just Click There, DO SOMETHING ! at Filmkunst im Roderich, Berlin, > 20:00h door, 20:30 films begin


Added: We’ll experiment with that formula and see if we can’t produce, at the very least, one invincible Houdini-like smile in the audience. And at least one person who thinks she can fly ! We welcome you to try our new cinematic (right brain) math ! <

Backround: As we were trying to figure out our next theme, we were thinking… this has been a damn hard week for processing all that’s going down in the world. Lets get positive + pro-active. And then we wondered, but would anyone come for that ?!! ; )

We first thought we’d do a program on alternative fuel resources, cause one thing’s for damn sure, we need to get off the nulcear energy track. So we started looking at the various possibilities like tidal energy and solar farms. But this is not really something the average person can get so easily involved in. It would be a specialists’ treat, we’d have about 10 poeple in the audience really excited ; )

Then we thought : why not together find ways to channel the energy of all those crazy and passionate ideas and people’s dream power into social causes + actions + inspiring new behaviors ?!!

And then we noticed a friend of ours was already way ahead of us: Iara Lee from Cultures of Resistance has just been posting pictures from a recent project called Jump For Gaza, and posted the image at the top, and said this is what their project wants to do NEXT ! ( i.e. wingsuits or flying squirrel suits as they are called ).


So thanks to both Iara + Mark Harris (foto) and the crazy dreams of the Wingsuit flyers… NOW we’re gonna have a mind-blowing show for you this coming friday!

Watch this clip from Phoenix Fly at Vimeo (thx!), Breathe it in, and then imagine what crazy things WE CAN DO to change the direction of the world !

So yes, we’re going to screen some very crazy stuff about HUMAN ENERGY RESOURCES !

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Some films , fotography, thinkers we may be featuring + discussing:

2012 Times Of Change ( Joao Amorim + Daniel Pinchbeck ), Margaret Mead, Buckminster Fuller, EnviroMission, Zena Holloway, Iara Lee, Herman Kolgen, Revenge of The Electric Car, Garbage Warrior, David Lynch, Rap News w/ Robert Foster, Into Eternity ( Michael Madsen), Lynn Hershman Leeson, Grete Stern, etc…


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