Electric Sheep REvisited, what PKD was trying to tell us before it’s too late !


{ PKd’s Electric Sheep, Japanese Cover }

< 16.03 >  In collaboration with the MindPirates‘ ( + the Vereinsheim ) weekly film program – this month is sci-fi themed “Into The Future” ,  this Weds. following the screening of BLADE RUNNER, Dr. Podinski of CITiZEN KiNO presents : Electric Sheep REvisited

- a mixed-media presentation on 3 decades of PK Dick + Hollywood-made Replicants in a toxic upstream culture. Including  previews  from  NEW   upcoming PKD films: Free Radio Albemuth + Your Future Has Been Adjusted.

20:00h doors open
21:00h Blade Runner (2euro)
23:00h Electric Sheep revisited (Free)

Where: Mindpirates Vereinsheim, Schlesische Strasse 38, Haus F (3rd Hinterhof), Berlin

Backround: Philip K Dick was a visionary story-teller whom Hollywood still loves more than any other sci-fi writer, but never seems to manage to do his work full justice. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep (1968) was primarily about ecological devastation, our relationship to other creatures on the planet and what it means to be human. He saw quite clearly how badly we were fucking it all up !

The Hollywood product -Blade Runner- gave us ueber-sexy replicants, a do-right cop in love tryst w/ an android (chuckle), flying cars (chuckle), the Voight Kampf test (… eye-scan technology used to hunt down immigrant rebels – Not Funny! ), a super slick embedded coca-cola ad in a cool dark metropolis which reads as subtle hype for the post-industrial techno- hyperdrive …  and really only a tip of the iceberg of PKD’s riveting tale of corporate world misanthropy, which is equal to anything Orwell or Huxley forecasted or forewarned.

Note: We’ll also discuss actions to support Japan, and the anti-nuclear movements !

Pleaase join us if yur in the Btropolis !


{ Over 650 PKD covers at the official PKD site… damn, somewhere we have a Serbo-Croatian one not in this collection.  )

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