“Transmigration of The Telepresent” premieres at WORLD-eX-POSITION 08, May 10th

WORLD-EX-POSITION 08 – an XLT world premiere
@ Labfactory, Praterstrasse 42, 2nd district, Wien


[ May 10, Live Stream - And Chat - Here : 21:00 CET ]


xlt 07

20:00 CET doors open
21:00 CET performance (+ stream) begin
00:00 CET skype performance(s) with Press/Play in Detroit

Admission FREE

The XL Terrestrials present
Moderation: Dr. Podinski + Alexander Nikolic
DJs: Nikolic & Podinski ( psychotronic ostblok mix )

XL Terrestrials premiere the 2nd installment of their Transmigration
series. An unlicensed “psychomedia” analysis and interactive cinematic
vivisection of the Military Entertainment Complex and our increasingly disembodied user-culture.

+ Live stream in collaboration with LABfactory’s thescreen.tv with partners from:
[riereta.net] [GISS.tv] [sonance.net] [nomad.theatre] [bilderwerfer] [SLUM-TV -
neocom - EU]

++ At midnite we will link with a new project in Detroit called Press/Play:
Skype-linked Artists communicating/performing in a once-a-month ‘Live Art News
Reel’. This Saturday, XL Terrestrials + Labfactory will be one of about 20
artists/orgs representing world wide.

+++ Already prepared to take the telematic engagement to the Next Level, the XL Terrestrials will test a ‘2nd Life’ Avatar Snuff Film Plug-In ! (Imagine Debbie Harry, James Wood and Nicholas Negroponte in an Ebay-sponsored episode of Dr. Oblivion’s free downloads.)

++++ Participate wherever you are through the Chat in the XL Terrestrial Q+A during
the “Transmigration Of The Telepresent” presentation

Interactive cinema peformance, party, djs, participate to liberate.
(sorry for crossposting, feel free to forward this mail)

arts + praxis organisms


a few Extra Notes :

In case you were wondering, $5 NOTA on the image at the top does not apply to this show, as admission is FREE, cause the Austrians are occasionally ‘incurable’ socialists who fund art like life depends on it… and NOTA means “no one turned away” often used for alternative space shows in San Francisco and beyond, a strategy employed so artists can attempt to avoid lifelong debt, meaningless slave labor in silicon valley cubicles, and provide arts and culture to those without the almighty ‘green’ at their disposal.

And if yur just tuning in the image is an excerpt from out Lost Coast Tour flyers in 2007 with the inimitable Asaf Zulah (Borderline Digital and Station 40 ) on the graphic +video + trouble-making controls, etc etc.

And finally a bit of text that is a deeper explanation of the XLT “ToT”, part2 in the Transmigration series, cause we KNOW your reading THIS FAR, and we have all your viewer data stored in the XLT brain and dna scrambler located in secret subcinema bunkers somewhere east of the Donau, Mississippi, And the Yangtze Rivers…


XLTerrestrials (XLT) present The Transmigration Of The Telepresent, the
2nd installment of their unlicensed psychomedia analysis and interactive
film program, a deconstructive art, social praxis, and tactical media
forum which began with The Transmigration Of Cinema in 2005 to analyze
and affect the new mass media landscape and what we call “virtual

Today we are enraptured by a (primarily) military, corporate and venture
capital invention, a digital network unleashed for “civilian use” at the
end of the 80s. Www, the wonderous new technopoly that also “brings good
things to life” (an old slogan of General Electric, a military contractor
and TV broadcast conglomerate). Now at arts+tech exhibitions around the
world there is quite a buzz about a telematicly-engaged society, much more
so than even those Disneyesque Tomorrowland shows of yesteryear which
hyped rocket ships and connections to life and planets beyond.

Is civilian technology now the dominant paradigm or is a gullible species
being taken on another ride ?!

Dr. Podinsky and an XLT reconnaissance team will perform a magickal +
cinematic vivisection of our increasingly disembodied user-culture.

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