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Categories: Donations, News, Maps, Weather (+ wind patterns), Radiation Emergency Assistance Guides, etc. This is just the very beginnings of a guide list…

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Note: Red Cross ( given the example of Katrina response ) is not always the best choice, we will continue looking for smaller grassroots and locally managed projects

New : Great list of grassroots orgs to donate to + inspiration and general resources, from Ten Thousand Things, by Crystal Uchino – blogger in souhern prefecture of Nagasaki

Japanese Red Cross Society

Das Deutsche Rote Kreuz Spenden: KontoNr 41 41 41 Bank für Sozialwirtschaft BLZ: 370 205 00 Stichwort: Tsunami 2011

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is sending two three-person teams to the Iwate and Miyagi prefectures in Japan. Learn more about the organization’s efforts and make a donation at Doctorswithoutborders.org


Aljazeera live blog : Guardian live blog : BBC News live : Spiegel Online : Common Dreams ( feeds) : Democracy Now : NHK World (eng)

Things we’ve been following on Twitter Feeds:

michiokaku : RT_com : BBCscitech : AlertNet : Firedoglake :

People : Hiroko Tabuchi (in Tokyo) : Joi Ito : Matt Alt : dr.Podinski ( XLt relays )


World Time Zones w/ visual display ( helpful when following international sources )



Google Crisis Response + People Finder ( lots of links)

WEATHER ( wind factor ) :

Japan Meteorogical Agency


{ CLick : Realtime ?? Geiger Counter in Tokyo on Ustream }

It’s a bit tricky navigating the information on the radiation factors, and we are learning alot about nuclear fission and reactors these days. One thing we DO KNOW, is that govts. LIE, especially when they are, in large part, responsible for a (potential) disaster. And in fact there is no such thing as a nuclear accident, or industry for that matter, without a bundle of lies. In the first few days we saw LOTS of nuclear expert apologists delivering the dubious data on the risk factors. So HERE BELOW we will attempt to navigate and select good resources for you. Our thoughts go out to all the peeps! Stay Informed !

This Post by Matt_Alt – a non-scientific author/blogger living in Tokyo, may help you to understand some basics about reading the counter, understanding a seivert, and helping you decide “Should I Stay Or Should I go ?” Many as yet unverifiable alternative sources are saying Tokyo is NOT currently in danger of fallout, but Who IS and Will BE remains a very unanswerable question !

Another more reputable source : Nature.com on Fukushima Crisis and Exposure ( but have not yet researched author credentials )

Pro Publica’s Reading List For Following Nuclear News From Japan ( haven’t researched links thoroughly, but World Health Organization link not working. )


BBC Health News – Q&A Health effects of radiation exposure

Merck Manual Professional, radiation exposure + contamination

Fema Radiation Manual

Natural Remedies for Harm reduction


Anti-Atom Plenum (de)

Ausgestrahlt (de)

Beyond Nuclear

Nuke Free ( Harvey Wasserman )

Union Of Concerned Scientists – All Things Nuclear


ANd even tho we find this a little amer0-centric, it’s somewhat useful for some of our readers:


{ US.Nuclear Regulatory Commission. FAILED! }





Guardian live blog:


The Crippled Japanese Nuclear Reactors – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com



Update: There are already responses coming in to the report posted below, and we will include them in the comments section. Note: We think it can be extremely valuable to monitor and research what citizens are doing to investigate matters independently. And given the endless examples of bad information that can come from mainstream media (with its various industry agendas and hired experts on nuclear power ), we highly recommend taking the initiative to go beyond the usual channels.  So often, while such stories may not be hard facts, they may reveal useful methods + resources for doing independent research.


{ earthquake analysis, Dutchsinse on Youtube }

Latest Report from Dutchsinse: RADIATION reaches USA – BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA ! March 16, 2011 – 234

(??? Research required ) Would love to hear people’s opinions about this individual’s reports … say all ya want about the alarming tone ( and hasty assessments !), but it does look like he navigates resources exceptionally well…

Dutchsinse Links:

> live Geiger counter in LA:


> Private firms monitoring radiation:


> here is the other radiation monitoring site for continental US:


> watch the clouds and storm track now.. from bakersfield CA.


> Our Initial disclaimer / critique would be there’s little analysis to know how radioactivity carries in any plumes or clouds, and how quickly it’s effects will be dispersed over such large distances. And no analysis yet on how amatuer? these private company readings are. <


We Want The Truth ! (In Tokyo ) – w/ french subtitles


>> new >> ADDED + ESSENTIAL :

Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants
The no-BS info on Japan’s disastrous nuclear operators by Greg Palast

We were tempted to put these links below into the Fringe Reports because Alex Jones is extremely unpredictable High-Fructose “news”, BUT Greg Palast is essential ( and can be actually entertaining when delivering even the most painful scoops – a professional Gonzo media navigator). We’re a bit worried that appearing on Prison Planet may prove harmful to his credentials, but this clip helps get some serious information to the Texas lowlands and beyond:


BBC Journalist Greg Palast: Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants!! 1/2

BBC Journalist Greg Palast: Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants!! 2/2

footnote: Btw, this might be an interesting article on Alex Jones in Rolling Stone, but for now, we’ll have to put this on a bookmark for future research on the “infowars” in the US.

We’ve been following closely Michio Kaku’s site(s), but had only listed his twitter feed above. He has very short blog articles posted here at BigThinK – Dr. Kaku’s Universe.


The Nuclear Myth Melts Down: How the “Peaceful Atom” Became a Serial Killer
Nuclear Power Loses its Alibi
by Chip Ward

new > FILMS:


Into Eternity by Michael Madsen

A totally new animal in documentary activism! A MUST SEE !

Adam Curtis’ “A Is For Atom” for BBC ( 1992) , and downloadable in parts on Youtube


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  1. pod Says:

    re: Dutchsinse + radiation levels in California

    Many Thanks to Lee W. :

    I dunno, I’ve been watching radiationnetwork.com and it doesn’t inlcude any counts from bakersfield. I don’t see any elevated counts on any data I can find – radiationnetwork, blackcatsystems, and the EPA’s radnet. The guy in the video doesn’t show any of the data he’s referring to. It sounds like one person emailed him claiming there was a high number and that’s it. If it really happened, (a) they should have at least taken a screenshot, and (b) it could have been a meaningless fluctuation. The blackcatsystems.com page that he shows says right on it, “Readings can be higher for brief periods of time due to normal variations in radiation levels” and “Do not panic because you see a high reading. Someone could be getting invalid readings. Treat this for information purposes only, do not make safety decisions based upon it.”

    OK, I just had a look a the EPA’s monitoring data for Bakersfield. While there isn’t much recorded from the last few hours, I do notice that the levels in Bakersfield are consistently higher than many other places and go up and down more, …all the way back to March 11, which can’t be ascribed to fallout from Japan. Of course, it’s possible that the EPA is issuing detailed false data and/or leaving out certain measurements, but I don’t see any reason to get excited about this claim without something more than we’ve got here.

    I should have said explicitly that the EPA data does not include any high numbers for today. ( thursday )

    There are some missing measurements in today’s (thurs.) EPA bakersfield data, which could be taken amiss by the suspicious-minded, so I also had a look at their Fresno and Riverside data, which are pretty nearby, and they are complete with measurements every hour and placidly fluttering up and down in the same range they have been for the past week.

  2. pod Says:

    Antero in SF Bay Area posted this:

    For those coastal Californians fretting over radioactive plumes migrating here from Japan, here’s a smart, well-informed article to ease your nerves: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2011/0317/Japan-nuclear-crisis-why-the-plume-traveling-to-US-poses-little-threat

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