When the natural world is held upside down by science in the service of fools


“The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking… the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.” ~Albert Einstein

Note: this is NOT Hiroshima, and NOT the Fukushima nuclear facility, it’s an image of a burning oil refinery in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, Japan on March 11, 2011.

Oil and nuclear power, two sides of the same coin !?

As we write this there’s a SECOND developing problem at the Fukushima nuclear power plant: ” All the functions to keep cooling water levels in No.3 reactor have failed at the Fukushima No.1 plant.”

And this evening we scanned many reports form major news sources with lots of reassurance that today’s earlier blast at Fukushima is “not a meltdown and radiation levels were low because the explosion had not affected the reactor core container.” But we suddenly realized that none of the channels were giving voice to any scientists who are (highly) critical of nuclear power.

And then we came across Michio Kaku’s very alarming report : Japanese Nuclear Power Plant is Spiraling Out of Control!

( Already there are many attacks against him for being alarmist, but it should be noted as stated in the comments, that Kaku isn’t even ” anti-nuclear energy by any stretch of the imagination.” But he dares to speak the hard scenarios. )

We don’t have time to research more now, but we’ll be back. Please send us your links. We must remember that governments are very prone to lying in these situations.

The issue we’d like to get at in a longer article is that Japan is a profound example of a people who have been set upon a hyper industrialized path (a post-WW2 coerced scenario ?), and is one of the highest energy consuming countries, which is pretty remarkable considering the size of this island nation. [ Wikimedia: In 2008, Japan ranked third in the world in electricity production, after the United States and China. ]

We’ll come back to this point:

Yes, there was a natural disaster, but like Katrina it has the full potential to wreak havoc that is not natural at all. The picture above is more about what happens…

When the natural world is held upside down by science in the service of fools

Added: This article at the NYTimes about the bigger questions of nuclear power is not bad, fortunately they don’t have Thomas Friedman reporting on Japan YET.

Crisis Underscores Fears About Safety of Nuclear Energy


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