State of The Simulacrum, and The Worm Is Only Half-eaten …


What’s On Spock’s Scanner , Part 1 … from Black Moon productions

Perhaps the one of the best psychomedia analysis pieces we’ve come across lately which hits home what the Web 2.o Plague is all about.  Life in a leisure Panopticon doomsday machine!

Just one of the clips we’ll be discussing in our collaboration w/ the Mindpirates:

< 16.3 > Dr. Podinski brings CiTiZEN KiNO to the Mindpirates Verein in Kreuzberg as they screen Sci- Fi on wednesdays.


We’ll continue our analysis of Blade Runner, with the help of David Gill’s incredibly informative resource called Total Dickhead, a very active blog on all things PKD!

Three Decades of PK Dick in a Download Culture : The Hollywood Worm Is Only Half-eaten

Following the film at 23:00h, we’ll screen a few clips which examine the work of PK Dick from our surreal and juxtaposing lens, share some news about upcoming PKD film adaptations, and investigate the Simulacrums we’re inhabiting right now… Is The future poorly UNwritten … by Hollywood Replicants ?!


In other news, Madison, Wi. is the epicenter of a historical confrontation between Republi-bots vs. the Peeps ! More coming sooon !

Meanwhile the work of Eric Drooker pretty much tells us what’s in the cards ( Links to downloads and backround story here ) :

strike1strike2 Huega1


And another cool scoop, The Electronic Revolution written by William Burroughs in 1971 is now available for the first time in Spanish. If you’d like to get a copy of a special limited edition, contact us and we’ll tell you how you can invest in a new publishing house, where you buy books and become a shareholder. The Fiction Department.


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