Coming Soon to A Theater Near You: May Days at Critical Half Mast ?! And Who Owns the Future Now?!

Beware : The following entry contains organic and volatile ingredients that may corrupt your distorted picture, and should not be viewed without your poetic and physical seat-belts unfastened.

Warning: XLT is and is NOT responsible for any heretical juxtapositions and/or jouissance recreated by the reader. Any bodies that may slip through the cracks cannot be left untouched. Any borders which vanish before (and after) your eyes will not be replaced.

And lastly: Abandon all Ye who Hope, for those who depart from the virtual on trusted Paths + wielded Acts will no longer be waiting!

WR-mysteries of the organism

[ Two films, WR and Sweet Movie, from Dusan Makavejev now available on DVD from Criterion ]

“Was hindert die Menschen daran, ihre Unterdrueckung zu erkenen und sich davon frei zu machen? Aeussere Maechte ( Gesetze, Sanktionen, Wirtschaftliche Not. etc) und Innere Maechte. Die inneren Maechte, die sie daran hindern, heissen: Sexualmoral und religioeser Mystizismus.” W.R. “Die Sexuelle Revolution” 1966

” What obstructs the people from knowing their suppression and freeing themselves from it? The outer controls ( Laws, Sanctions, Economic emergencies, etc.) and inner controls. The inner controls, that obstruct knowing are called: sexual morality and religious mysticism” W. Reich, ” The Sexual Revolution” 1966

Replace sexual morality and mysticism with the disembodied supermarket fetishist’s Catalogue/Bible and you may arrive at understanding the launching point of these 2008 May days, which can only scarcely be found, and yet are everywhere … at critical half mast. We can count the dead in the parades.

arthur c.childhood’s end

On another note, we’ve still been exhuming the legacy of Arthur C. Clarke, Techno hive-mind fascist, the sci-fi Darwinian Final Solutionist, brother of Singularity Inc., and New World Overmind Order ?? Does Childhood’s End resemble Christian eschatology ?? Do the Overlords fly by in stealth bombers ?? Do they communicate in military code above in the Clarke Orbit ?? Could it be that the only thing that makes 2001 interesting to an XL Terrestrial is Kubrik’s poetic humanism taking apart Whitey-On-The-Moon-dreams and exploring astronaut Bowman’s transpersonal journey ??

And while you might be scratching your head thinking these are Sci-Fi tales, an extreme shift occurs when you become an advisor to the Military Entertainment Complex! As Richard Barbrook describes in his, on the Cold War path, the agenda becomes planning the future… to own the future.”


[This image for Led Zepplin referenced Childhood's End, as were David Bowie's "Oh You Pretty Things" lyrics : " Let me make it plain
You gotta make way for the Homo Superior" ]

And in case you were wondering where we might have landed Now: It looks as though the children have always been quarantined, and the rock n roll brand of revolution now plays in heavy rotation on auto-pilot as soundtrack for the End Game.

All themes above tangentially related to the Transmigration Of the Telepresent , part 2 of the Transmigration series premieres in Wien on May 10th…

see podopolog above.





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