XLt present CiTiZEN KiNO #6 : If not mutants, then who ?


{ thx to Michail at Dense Berlin for comics image, by Dan DeCarlo found here. }

< 25. 2 > Dr. Podinksi + the XLT present CiTiZEN KiNO #6 : “If not mutants, then who? ” psychomedia analysis at Filmkunst im Roderich. Glogauerstr. 19, Kruezberg. 20:00h , 3euros

Once a month, XLterrestrials present LIVE Media Interventions
at Filmkunst im Roderich, Kreuzberg
Friday – 25.02.11 – 20:00h
( 3€, or? )


{ in her Green Porno series, adorable Isabella Rosselini, jury President of the 61st Berlinale }

CiTiZEN KiNO #6 : If not mutants, then who ?

A post-Berlinale psychomedia analysis. Come share your best and worst moments of the red carpet “Spectacle 3.d” experiences. Come decompress with the Filmkunst community, with Dr. Podinski and Special Guests!

What will you do now with all those media “downloads” ?! How will you digest them and/or integrate them into your new environments?!

[Newsflash: Did you know that humanity has spent a sum total of about 5.93 million years just playing World of Warcraft ??! And Blockbuster film watching ?!! Total media consumption has surpassed the amount of time it took for the human species to supposedly evolve. ]

We’ll experiment with a few NEW media deconstruction techniques, and screen a few rare excerpts of underground + tactical media, that will allow you to mutate (organicly) without all those big celebrities and corporate media enterprises eating your brain.

And we’ll of course have some film bits that will put you in touch with realtime history-making events around our globe.

Don’t Miss It !


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A Possible menu of bits we’ll be examining:

a dose of Jodorowsky (the Daniel Pinchbeck interview), excerpts from Schlingensief’s Egomania – Island Without Hope, Maya Deren and voodoo possession in Haiti,
Guy Debord in 3-D, a brand new RSA video lecture from the Harvard psychology dept., The Myspace Film (hahahaha), an excerpt from Gábor Bódy’s Narcissus and Psyche with a young Udo Kier as the entranced, Park Chan-wook, Spoek Mathambo & Pieter Hugo, Isabella Rosselini’s Green Porno + much more !


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