Berlinale.61: The Society of 3-D Speck and Subhumanist Technologies !?

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{ Society Of Spectacle in 3d by Pascual Sisto }


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We attended a Berlinale Film Festival / Talent Campus session last night with Wim Wenders and his 3-d technicians and producers to discuss his latest – Pina. And while we think using this medium to bring the world of Pina Bausch – the master choreographer of full dimensional life + presence – ( and her strange industrial city of Wuppertal) to the big screen is extraordinary high art pushing against the grain of what we’d call The VIRTUAL MIGRATION, we can’t help but poke fun at the big art directors riding the big biz and getting in on the new spectacular immersion game.

And since the world is in a horribly disconnected state, thanks in part to the entertainment hyperdrive, we think it’s a GRAND Time to ask some serious questions!

With Herzog and Wenders (along with animator Michel Ocelet) featuring high-profile new 3d projects at the 61st Berlinale,  we sensed the industry techheads are behind the wheel driving ever faster towards OBLIVION, and we could almost smell the coming of the Spectacular Speck… even with odorama still only a low-tech ” (finger-up-your-nose)  70s gag from John Waters.

Btw, we really did ask Wim what he thought about where the entertainment industry was headed with this – shall we call it – new subhumanist technology game ( no we’re not referring to mere movies). But he hemmed and hawed cause he was in the midst of a heavy PR campaign, and he did pause ( and stuttered ) to think about it. And said, well the “amusement parks” ( our abbreviated description) are here to stay, but perhaps people with fresh ideas will eventually have access and do more creative things.

It’s an important evolution in the medium to consider. Because just at the point where digital cameras+editing tools were having some democratizing effect on cinema, this 3-d territory is clearly locked into mega-budget productions and is completely inaccessible, especially on a distribution realm, with only 70 “Real” 3d capable theaters in Germany (or Europe?! , we’re checking that statistic ). So expect another dozen Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, and a few days in the year where the Herzogs and Wenders types will be featured. And days of radical political + realtime socially engaged content, ZERO !

There were also a few interesting moments where the speakers on the panel ( including Wenders) praised Cameron’s Avatar advances. And while we won’t have time to delve into one of our favorite media rants of late, in short: Avatar hypes Avatar-culture ( VIRTUAL MIGRATION) above all else, and is pure CARTOON POLITICS in terms of real people reacting against corporate globalization + destruction.

There is no seriously engaged realworld political brainfood ( nor action, nor praxis) in that; It was all Milk Duds and Twizzlers from the perspective of participating in social change. Perhaps it will inspire a few more people to click on some Save The Trees campaign… as they purchase a McDonald’s Happy Meal  … as advertised ( an Avatar PARTNER).

So from that perspective it’s interesting and critical to take note where the corporate entertainment mediums are heading… and beware!

And oh, have you seen Psychedelic Death Vomit 3D (2010) by Yoshi Sodeoka yet ??



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