Transmediale.11 Analysis : The Coming (Technotopian) Res-Erection


{ Honf, TM.11 award winners from Indonesia }

Transmediale.11 Response : Ability an XLT Psychomedia Analysis coming soon !

A few things that were going on this week that we couldn’t help but tie into our thoughts + actions as we processed all the immensely confounding Transmediale.11 (festival for art + digital culture) inputs:

1. The Maghreb Revolt
2. the 5oth anniversary of Ham, the space monkey
3. The Liebig Strasse 14 eviction, by 2,500 cops in Berlin
4. the anxiety of owing money …
5. resulting in our virtual appendages (website+mail) to temporarily be amputated …
6. resulting in a new and unusual physical localized pain
7. XLt’s CiTiZEN KiNO performed a personal and public recombinant psychomedia analysis which fused Fellini, Ridley slut-Scott, PK Dick and an ancient Liebeskummer (love sickness) experience into a transgressive time-travelling auto-erotic reversal… and psychomagic reclamation.


{ foto: Tanya Mar. XLt’s CiTiZEN KiNO #5 : Replicant Memories }

Immense processing, and we’ll have to try to explain…

Let it be known that given the circumstances, there were simply too many heres and elsewheres colliding, which made it difficult to absorb any more than a small fraction of the dense program of the 24th Transmediale Festival. As we fish through the catalogue now to piece together our impressions we are sad to have missed a few key works.

Part 1: Last Plug In Is A Rotten Egg ! Maghreb and the Net


{ by Latuff }


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