This Bullet in The Head Brought To You By…


{ Danny Boon as Bazil fantasizing revenge in Jeunet’s MicMacs }

In Jean Jeunet’s most recent masterpiece MicMacs, Danny Boon plays Bazil, a videoteque clerk/everyman who is the random victim of a stray bullet fired by some gun-toting gangs in the middle of the night. Lodged in his brain, it can’t be removed without rendering him a vegetable, so there it lies like a landmine life-sentence in a fully-loaded and entirely fractured world. When he returns to his workplace, he finds he’s been laid off, and the tragedy slides further into a mangled life in the cold streets. His only recourse is to act upon this dismal tragedy. He plots revenge, not against the shooter, but against the manufacturer of the bullet.

Here begins one of the darkest possible scenarios for a comedy heretofore imagined, that only the likes of Jeunet and his carnevalesque cast could render into a daring vivesection ( and heart-warming sabotage fantasy) of the true-life cartoonscape of the military industrial complex which bleeds profusely into our daily lives.

Placed in the current context of the Tuscon massacre, that will leave the surviving senator Giffords a severely shattered being ( if she survives at all),  the film reveals many crystallizing perspectives in regard to the travesty of so much spineless media response and the cultural landmines that continue to surround us all.

This latest mass mediated national trauma in the US caused by six dead ( and more than a dozen wounded ) outside a supermarket is in fact a tiny drop in a bloody ocean of violence around the world … all brought to you by giant corporate entities who have managed to put weapons on the market legally and illegally, with practically unchecked rabid participation of corrupted governments everywhere. And the US is the leading “innovator” and exporter of arms worldwide.

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“Not everything can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

And Jon Stewart’s TV paean to calm and spinelessness

Of course there’s an endless amount of pundit blathering and the news media will slobber over it until you can’t stand to hear another word. All without coming anywhere nearer to the root causes, nor advocating appropriate actions against very culpable parties.

And rest assured that the corporate entertainers playing the voices of moderation can always help you find permanent oblivion … No mention of gun control ! No discussion of White Terrorism, which Bill Quigley brilliantly brings to the fore ! No challenging of top Fox executives ( or their favorite scumbag celebs ) who are dousing the match factory in gasoline rhetoric as they watch their ratings rise and their bank accounts soar! No mention of Arizona’s out-of-control racism and xenophobia! And not a single NAMEABLE republicrat who has stooped repeatedly to low-belt politics of fear, and there are plenty to call out!

“I just don’t fucking know !” says Jon as he tries to make no real sense of another predictable event that an entire culture is actually very efficient at producing daily ( often out of sight or in far away lands ).  So right Jon… You just don’t fucking know! TV-cartoon-land consistency, and the price is right!


{ kill Your Tv! … w/ a hammer, for only $3.99 }

For psychomedia analysis only! Caution, this is Truly Repulsive :

A little like the scene in Micmac, the Media world, which only looks like thugs crossbred with a 24/7 comedy team when you’ve fully analyzed it, presses down hard on that Bullet in your brain.


To be fair, we did catch a glimpse of  reason on the RISE, via Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, and further off the mainstreams, Alternet, Commondreams,  and further off the info grids, we’ll have to come back to link… etc.


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